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The term “jacket” usually seems to be straightforward but includes a wide variety of different types, designs, and styles. When picking a jacket for winter, people usually prefer leather jackets for the comfort they need along with the jacket style.

I love my sunglasses and while many of them are purely for fashion, there's a practical side of quality eyewear that deserves to be talked about too. While cool looking mirrored shades on the beach might be great at hiding your eyes as you look around and admire the scenery - good sunglasses are designed to protect your eyes and allow them to function at their maximum level. Glasses like this are designed to help you see those fish better, avoid getting dust in your eyes so you can take that turn faster, and ultimately offer the best sun protection possible so you can enjoy the perks of good vision as long as possible.

I'll share a little secret - I hate lacing up my shoes and I generally favor comfort and convenience over stability. Most shoes frankly aren't designed for this and all of my sneakers have broken heels. Some shoes work better for improvised slip-ons than others and some like this pair from Kizik is actually designed to work exactly the way I want. Simply put, while most shoes have a firm heel area that over time will fold, soften, and break as you jam your foot into it ... Kizik shoes have support that will spring back up once your foot is comfortably inserted.

Living in San Diego, I've become somewhat of a flip flops snob as they are pretty much all I ever wear unless I'm going somewhere that needs protection from the weather or more support. What I've not seen before was a pair of men's sandals that have a bottle opener built right into the sole. Till now! These Fanning men's sandals are functional and they also feel great for walking around town.

Dressing well in your 30s can be tricky. You still feel young, but you also know you probably can’t pull off the fashion trends you see on the high street, adorned by the youth who have entirely abandoned self-consciousness and instead opt to express themselves. Deep down, you know you wouldn’t really want to dress this way regardless. You want to look sharp without seeming like you’re overdressed for any occasion.