tips for buying the right fragrance

When buying a new cologne, there are many things to consider. What type of scent do you want? What is your budget? How long will the fragrance last? In this blog post, we will discuss the five most important factors to consider when buying a new cologne. By following these tips, you can find the perfect cologne for you and your lifestyle!

Understanding The Different Types of Men's Fragrances

We hear the words aftershave, cologne, and eau de toilette as well as parfum of course but what do these individual types of men's fragrances mean?

The first type of men's fragrance is aftershave. Aftershave is designed to be applied post-shaving and usually has a toning or moisturizing property in addition to its fragrance. It will usually have a weaker scent than cologne, which makes it ideal for those who prefer less intensity when wearing perfume. Typically the concentration of perfume oil in aftershave is only 3-4% but there may be other chemicals, such as isopropyl or ethyl alcohol, that you may smell as well.

Cologne, on the other hand, is more concentrated and intense compared to aftershave and often contains more oils that produce longer-lasting scents.

Eau de toilette comes in between aftershave and cologne strength-wise and may contain up to 10–15% aromatic compounds (aka fragrant oils).

Lastly, parfum is the strongest form of fragrance with an average of 15-25% perfume oil. This is by far the most intense and long-lasting of all types of men's fragrances and offers a unique scent that will last for hours.

For instance, this unisex parfum Woody Chestnut by Dossier is a maison margiela replica and has an 18% perfume concentration. This means that the fragrance will last longer than a less intense cologne.

Don't be afraid of the word "perfume" ... while it has a more feminine connotation here in the United States, this is also an industry term for a product that is enjoyed and appreciated by men as well as women around the world.


Choose A Fragrance That Suits Your Personality

It is important to choose a fragrance that reflects your personality and lifestyle. Ask yourself questions such as what kind of scents you like, what activities you enjoy doing, and where do you usually spend most of your time? Knowing the answers to these questions can help narrow down your choices when looking for a new cologne.

In addition to the fragrance itself and the image that it evokes when people encounter you, it is also essential to consider how the product was produced. This is important in terms of both the actual fragrance if it is a clone of a more popular one, but also how the actual cologne you are wearing is made.

Dossier, for instance, is completely vegan and cruelty-free as well as making efforts across the brand to be environmentally sensitive, evoke a clean and simple look, and be affordable.

Just like with your clothing, picking the right fragrance is quite literally shrouding yourself in a brand, so make sure it evokes the correct response from people around you who recognize it!


Picking The Right Fragrance Product For Your Budget

The best cologne is the one that suits your budget and is made with quality ingredients. Buying an expensive cologne doesn't necessarily mean that it's better quality or will last longer. In fact, some of the less expensive fragrances are actually more pleasant and long-lasting than their higher-priced counterparts.

It can be helpful to shop around for samples before you commit to buying a full bottle of cologne. Many department stores offer sample sizes so that you can try different scents without making a huge commitment. If possible, try these scents on throughout the day to see how they interact with your body chemistry, as this may affect the way a fragrance smells on you.

Additionally, remember what we said above about cologne vs. parfum? A parfum will usually cost significantly more money but it will also last longer. This means that while a bigger bottle of cologne may appear to be the better buy but that isn't always true.

When considering the price, you should also consider how you will be using it. Is this a product that you need to use to cover up strong odors for a long time or something more for your own personal enjoyment to help you project yourself as a strong and confident man.

If it is mostly for your own benefit than a less expensive cologne or eau de toilette may be all that's needed.


Understanding Male vs Women vs Unisex Perfumes

Most fragrances designed for women or men are pretty gender typical with sweet floral notes for females and spicy musk smells for male buyers. However, there are an increasing number of unisex fragrances that are available now that cross those barriers.

These are genderless fragrances that I think a lot of men will enjoy since it is something new that breaks free of the conventions that have governed what is masculine for decades and offers a sometimes softer balance of notes. This is something that a confident man who wants to look and feel great without having to smell like a warrior can enjoy.

Don't be afraid of trying these unisex perfumes, and the nice thing is that, increasingly you'll find they are packaged in bottles that would be acceptable to have in the dop kit for either gender.


It's Ok To Have More Than One Fragrance!

Finally, don't be afraid to have more than one cologne in your collection. While it may appear that there is a single "signature scent" for you, the reality is that life can vary from day to day, and sometimes having different fragrances on hand can help you feel more dynamic and adjust to different situations.

For instance, if you like spicy notes but tend to get headaches when wearing some of them, then try an eau de toilette or a lighter version of these scents instead. That way, you won't overwhelm yourself but still enjoy the scent profile!

No matter what you are wearing and for what reasons, remember that cologne and parfum fragrances should be fun. Try something new, experiment, ask a friend what he or she thinks. While some designer products can be quite expensive, many good options are under $50 a bottle for a parfum that you can get at retail stores today.

This means that even if you've had the same scent that you first got from your dad to get ready for your first date that it's easy to start experimenting and try something new!