hooded leather jacket style tips

A leather jacket is the ultimate cool symbol for all men. This classic piece of garment has been in vogue for years now. The popularity of leather jackets is so prevalent that now you can explore them in different forms and styles – a hooded leather jacket being one of them. 

hooded leather jacket is the newest addition to the leather jacket that you may pair up on a variety of occasions in various forms. As the name suggests, it combines a leather jacket with a hoodie. Both these styles are the two most celebrated garments in the fashion industry. If you own one, read the below-listed styling tips to up your fashion game and take it to the next level. 


Take Care of the Fit 

Forget the brand name, color, season, or any other point of consideration – if it doesn’t fit you well, do not buy it. 

The fit of the hooded leather jacket is extremely important. A jacket too loose looks baggy, and a jacket too fit makes you look extremely bulky. It doesn’t matter how exclusive your hooded leather jacket is. If you do not buy the right size, wearing it may become embarrassing. So, how do you decipher the right fit of the hooded jacket for your body type? Ensure that the fit of your jacket is such that you can wear some layers beneath it. 

Ripped Jeans and Hooded Jacket 

Pairing up your ripped jeans with a hooded jacket can never go wrong. In fact, a hooded leather jacket goes well with all kinds of casual looks. If you want to follow the fashionable street style look, why not pair up your jacket with ripped jeans? 

Bring out your pair of ripped jeans from the wardrobe, take your round-neck t-shirt and then complete the look with your hooded leather jacket. It is a perfect outfit idea for a coffee date or shopping or a long walk in the park. 

A Perfect Athleisure Pick 

Many celebrities are already seen pairing up their hooded jacket with a jogger for winter jog wear. You can exercise in your hooded leather jacket as the fabric doesn’t feel sticky, especially when you buy it from a reputed brand.  

You can use a matching beanie and level up your style a little bit while choosing a hooded jacket for athleisure. Another idea to style it up is wearing a cashmere sweater under the jacket. 


Accessorize, Accessorize 

Yes, you heard it right. You can pair up your hooded leather jacket with your favorite accessories. For all the sucker for accessories, pick up your favorite gloves, scarves, and sunglasses and complete your casual and rusty look. 

While you pair your hooded jacket with your accessories, remember this rule – less is more. The fewer accessories you wear, the more stylish you appear. 


More Colors is a Good Idea 

Leather jackets are everywhere in the winter season, and if you want to stand out a little bit with your style, we advise you to choose more colors over the standard ones. For instance, there is nothing wrong with sporting your hooded leather jacket with a graphic t-shirt inside. Similarly, you can ditch your black and blue denim and choose more colors.

While wearing your hooded leather jacket, experimenting with colors will make you look edgier and stylish. Colors definitely make you stand out from the others in the crowd. 


Style Tip Takeaways 

There is nothing more versatile than a leather jacket. A hooded leather jacket has given a new dimension to style a leather jacket in the winter season. Once you buy it, it is equally essential to care for your jacket.