here are our picks for some awesome blowout guys weekend getaway ideas

With the COVID-19 Pandemic in the rear window, travel is starting to recover and there’s a year’s worth of sitting back and planning, wishing, and hoping that is now ready to get out and go again. While family vacations are probably first, guys getaways might just be next in line. Here’s some awesome blow out guys weekend ideas that we can’t wait to do this year.


Festival Of Wood And Barrel Aged Beer in Chicago

Beer festivals are something that a lot of us have missed in the past year and frankly many of them are likely to be postponed this summer as well. However, by November this beer festival in Chicago that celebrates barrel-aged beer might just be the perfect excuse to visit the Windy City. Despite the pandemic, last year they had more than 160 breweries participating and I’m sure 2021’s Festival of Wood and Barrel Aged Beer will be even better.


Salmon Fishing In Ketchikan Alaska

An epic fishing trip with your buddies seems like a great idea right about now and there’s no place that I would rather go than Alaska this summer. Not only is this a great place to social distance but they have one of the highest vaccination rates in the country and there are all sorts of promotions going on to encourage visitors since the cruise ships aren’t able to go there still.

For instance, right now you can save 25% on June fishing trips at Salmon Falls resort. We visited there a few years ago and can’t wait to go back.

Explore A New City Such As Sarajevo

Paris, London, Frankfurt ... you've done that and probably so have all of your friends so let's look for something completely different. While A guys trip to Bosnia Herzegovina probably brings images of a war-torn country from decades ago, today the area is seeing a major restoration and has been named by Lonely Planet as the 43rd best city in the world and was nominated in 2014 to be awarded "European Capital of Culture".  Sarajevo is a city rich in culture, history, diverse culinary traditions, and military sites to visit ranging from the Bosnian War to Ottoman occupation.

Whether you take one of the Sarajevo free walking tours or explore the city through use of their public transportation system, this is a city on the rise that blends ancient traditions with modern innovation.


Wine And Food Tour In Portugal

Americans will be allowed to travel to Europe this summer and while there are party spots like Ibiza and Lanzarote, I’m thinking more about hanging out on the beach in Portugal enjoying wine, surf, sunshine, and some of the best seafood in Europe. While there are big cities like Lisbon and Porto, we think spending time in beach towns like Cascais sounds good too. 

Let’s kickback with some carcavelos wine and linguica and celebrate being able to travel again.


Deer Hunting In Hawaii

For most folks, a Hawaii guys weekend would be about hanging out on the beach but Hawaii is a fantastic hunting destination as well. What most mainlanders don’t know is that Hawaii has a rich history of cattle ranching and today, many of these estates offer hunting excursions. Axis deer were introduced to Hawaii in 1867 as a gift to King Kamehameha and are prized for their beauty as trophies since they have a luxurious spotted skin and average 30” antlers.

While there are hunting guides that have their own accommodations, others work with you to organize a hunting package that might include hunting as well as golf and water sports while staying at resorts such as the Four Seasons Lana’i.

Whichever way you choose to go, we’ve all saved up for the past year so let’s get out there and have some fun again on an epic blowout guys weekend adventure!