Job Ideas for guys that love to drive

There is a sense of freedom that comes with being behind the wheel and thankfully a lot of well paying jobs involve driving. I started thinking about this while on a press trip to Flint Michigan earlier this week. While walking around the historic GM Assembly plant where the original Corvette was built and now Sierra and Silverado HD trucks are born it struck me that these guys on the line really love building trucks. There's a sense of pride that comes across while talking with most auto workers that doesn't happen at other businesses. I know a lot of you guys are also passionate about cars. So, it got me thinking ... What are some of the best jobs for car lovers? Keep reading to find out!

Working At an Automotive Plant

Any man who loves driving is also bound to be passionate about the car’s craftsmanship. The auto manufacturing industry is extremely vast, with careers such as automotive engineering, auto body technicians, automotive instructors etc. However, working at an auto plant is extra special. Whether you are the guy placing the engine on the chassis, programming the robots that paint the body, or testing the trucks that come off the line, this is a job where you'll be able to celebrate your passion for driving on a daily basis.

 how to be a long haul truck driver

Long Haul Truck Driver

If you are a man who enjoys solitude and life on the road then driving a semi might be the job for you. With the recent rise in truck driver jobs, you are bound to find a job in this diversified field.

Aside from making sure your load is safe and truck is in good condition, all you have to worry about is meeting your deadline or the traffic as you drive through the night. Though entrepreneurs will appreciate the opportunity for advancement and potentially becoming an owner operator too. Depending on the type of truck you will be driving, period testing and CDL certification test may be required. Long haul truck drivers usually earn more than short-haul ones but they are often away from home for long periods.

There are various sites where you can find information about how to become a truck driver including and our own feature about what it takes to become a professional truck driver.

Automotive Fleet and Events Manager

While I love checking out the latest and greatest vehicles, the folks behind the scenes are the ones that make it all happen. From hauling cars on trucks to different events or driving media and VIPs around town or simply positioning cars correctly so they can be showcased. The folks at fleet management companies like Page One Automotive, Motus One, and Driveshop do a lot of hard work but also get to drive some of the biggest trucks and hottest sports cars out there today. 

Lyft or Uber Driver

Some car lovers enjoy being around people and don’t fancy the loneliness of driving a truck at night. For such men, a career as a Lyft or Uber driver would be the best. These drivers meet and interact with all kinds of people and still get to drive. In fact, this comradery and opportunity to meet interesting people is one of the reasons I do it myself.

The best thing about becoming a Lyft driver is that it can be done part-time to supplement the income. The hours you work are dependent on your schedule so it is possible to do a couple of shifts per week or even just drive a couple hours on a Friday afternoon to get beer money for the weekend!

 vip limo ride from aria

Limo Driver

This is one fancy job in the driving profession. To be a limo driver, a special license may be required and you also have to be on your best behavior always. Limo drivers usually work at a standard rate but they often get gratuities.

Other than the usual wedding, prom and airport limo driver, you could also become a personal driver to a form or individual. The downside is that you always have to be ready as your services could be required at a moment’s notice.

Auto Dealerships and Mechanic Shops

Car dealerships and mechanic shops are the best places to be for men who love to drive. Here, you'll be able to work with a constant stream of new and used vehicles and meet a variety of people while helping them and their vehicle.

Keep in mind that by working in either of the above, you have to constantly move cars from the lots and showrooms. You also get to take clients out for a test drive. This will give you the opportunity to experience diverse types of cars and build up your experience as well.

 become an automotive journalist

Automotive Blogger or Journalist

I love to drive and so that's one of the things that has drawn me to running a site like ManTripping.

While it has taken me more than a decade to get to where I am today, there are easy opportunities for any guy that wants to get started. While it will be a challenge to get a brand to send you cars, start by contacting your local dealership and asking for a test drive. Take photos and video then write up your feature about the vehicle. Tell all your friends what you think about it and why this is the one they should take a look at. Combine that with networking on Linkedin and Facebook with other local auto media and you'll quickly start to get noticed and get more opportunities to drive cool cars and trucks. Check out our automotive section for some of our recent car reviews and features.

Other options for men looking for careers with cars include:

  • Becoming a professional race car driver.
  • A job as a salesperson where you are constantly traveling.
  • Chauffeuring jobs or becoming a valet.
  • Vehicle inspector.
  • Driving instructor.

There are so many opportunities for people working in the driving profession. You just have to find a job that you are comfortable with and stick to it. With the rise in the number of cars being manufactured, the number of automotive jobs also increased. The most important things are that you will be working in a field you are passionate about.

With some of the above jobs involving driving, you don’t even have to get hired. You could both buy a car and put it to use or start a business involving cars. If you love to drive, the above jobs would be ideal for you. Nothing beats the satisfaction of getting into a career you are passionate about.