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Fishing Lodge

  • Top Fly Fishing Lodges In the United States and Canada

    Fly fishing is an art form that not only brings food to the table, but allows you to connect with nature and unwind. Between tying your flies and patiently teasing the fish, your head must be in the game. While you can practice fly fishing just about anywhere there’s water, it’s in shallow lakes, rivers and streams you find the best fly fishing experiences. To get the most out of your adventure, you’ll want to get at least a weekend away, and will need to lodge overnight. While you could shack up at the local hotel, the hustle and bustle detracts from the experience. Rather than communing with the rowdy family next door, try one of these luxury fly fishing lodges near some of the best fishing spots on the continent.

  • Suinda Lodge and Parana River Argentina Fishing Expedition

    It's winter up here in the Northern Hemisphere but that doesn't mean you need to stop fishing! No, I'm not talking about an ice fishing expedition though that can be a cool idea. No, I'm talking about heading to the wild waters of South America where Our winter is their summer. Check out this awesome idea for a fishing expedition in Argentina from Frontiers International Travel!

  • Patagonia Backcountry Fly Fishing on the Chilean "River of Dreams"

    If you've ever dreamed of the ultimate fly fishing adventure, it doesn't get much better than this. Imagine spending 17-days in the Chilean Patagonia dipping your fly into remote waters barely touched by civilization.