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  • Why Natural Materials Matter When Designing Home Living Space

    Creating a living space that feels both comfortable and connected to the natural world is more than just a trend—it's a growing necessity. As we spend an increasing amount of time indoors, many of us are left craving a sense of tranquility and well-being that only nature can provide.

  • How To Know What Cleaning Compounds Are Safe To Use In Your Home

    Understanding the range of cleaning products and their safety can seem like a complex task. Everywhere I look I see "Organic" "Natural" or "Pure" and some evoke citrusy notes like "Orange" or "Lemon" to make them sound perfectly safe and pleasant to use. It's confusing - but you're not alone in this quest to find out which cleaning compounds are safe for your home. We're here to help you understand common cleaning ingredients, the risks of toxic chemicals, and how to read product labels. We'll also provide information on safe alternatives and even guide you on how to make homemade natural cleaners. By the end of this, you'll feel part of a community that prioritizes a healthy home environment and is informed about reliable brands for safe cleaning. This is all about ensuring your home is a safe sanctuary, not a potential risk.

  • Smart Home Gadgets Men Need To Keep The House And Yard Easy To Manage

    Keeping a home and yard well-managed can feel like a full-time job for many men. This is espectially true for those of us who lead busy lives, travel constantly, and when they get home just want to relax. Smart home gadgets are an obsession of mine and a secret weapon to effortless maintain my house and reduce yard maintenance time. Plus, to be completely honest... smart home gadgets are cool. Even when they don't work 100% as promised, this is quite litterally like living in a future world like we marveled at 30 years ago while traveling through exhibits at EPCOT center thinking those were more fantasy than reality. Well, today is that future and smart gadgets, sensors, and other connected items have become affordable. So, let's take a look at some of my favorite smart home items. This blog post is packed with helpful information about innovative devices designed specifically to simplify household tasks, save time, and increase the efficiency of your daily routine.

  • Technology Can Help Older People Stay Safe At Home

    Right now is a pretty amazing time in terms of integrating technology into the home to make it safer and more comfortable. Just a few years ago, the idea of smart home technology was about wifi-connected lights that you could turn on and off almost like a toy. Today though, it is helping our parents (and ourselves) live at home longer than they might have been able to previously. Technology innovations like live streams, connected sensors, digital door locks and even service robots will allow these folks... and ultimately ourselves... to postpone the inevitable move to assisted living centers and retirement homes. 

  • Things To Do Before Leaving On A Long Vacation

    Quick weekend getaways are easy and so are week-long trips but when it comes to taking a long vacation such as a month-long retreat to Europe or an around-the-world cruise, things are a bit more complicated.

  • Tips To Get A Better Smelling Home Quickly

    It's the time of year when everyone is trying to get their homes smelling fresh and inviting. The holidays are coming up, and we all want our guests to feel comfortable in our homes. But sometimes, no matter how much we clean, our homes just don't smell good. Here are a few tips to help you get your home smelling great in no time!

  • Features to Look for in a Daybed

    It’s that time of year when graduations are happening; weddings are on the calendar, family reunions, and other celebratory events are taking place. That means guests will be coming over and need a place to sleep. If you’re limited on space but want to help with hosting duties, a daybed can handle the job for you. In fact, for my own day bed it is way more than just simply a place to sleep when guests come over but also acts as a couch by the window with tons of big pillows where I can kick back and relax.

  • Redkey F10 Foldable Vacuum Maker Introduces More Home Cleaning Appliances

    The home appliances market has generally been pretty conservative over the past several decades but there are some exciting new contenders to the market. These new brands - like Redkey - are bringing a high quality of manufacturing, low prices, and innovative designs. This makes us excited to see what the future brings and dare I say it... maybe even make house cleaning a bit more fun.

  • The Benefits of a Home Equity Loan And How Homeowners Can Use Them

    Many homeowners know what they owe on their mortgage, but they aren't aware how that may be a huge benefit to them when they need money. A home equity loan, also known as a second mortgage, is a type of financing that can give you access to funds when you need them for home renovations, student loans or other large investments.

  • Smart Home Gadgets For Summer

    With summer underway and the Fourth of July holiday just around the corner, it’s time to think about all those fun, smart gadgets that make summer entertaining more exciting. From connected grills and smokers to lights, music, and outdoor movies, the one thing these all have in common is the need for fast, reliable internet like the connection I have from Cox Communications.

  • How To Select The Right Gun To Protect Your Home

    When you want to protect your home and have a plan of action if someone attempts to break into the building, owning a gun is the best way to ward off intruders. If it's your first time selecting a gun to purchase, it's important to conduct enough research and do your homework to ensure you make the right selection. If you want to know how to find the right gun, there are a few important guidelines to follow.

  • Here's What You Need To Consider Before Buying a Beach House As a Weekend Home

    From what I read in the news about skyrocketing property prices for houses and especially vacation properties, I'm not alone in my desire to buy weekend home. Last week I was talking with a friend of mine in Florida and expected that things would be quiet since fewer people than normal were traveling this year. Instead, she told me that their community was actually busier than ever because every beach house had been secured as long term rentals by people fleeing the cities, especially from New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago. This got me thinking about all the different things you'd need to consider before making a jump from renting to actually buying a beach house as your weekend home. Let's take a look.

  • Everyday Items I Found Unexpected Appreciation For During The Pandemic

    It's been a long and difficult past year and while there have been a lot of awkward, depressing, disruptive, and outright crappy moments it's interesting how things we once used for one purpose now have new meaning. For me, this year has thankfully been better than most but despite an abrupt end to most of my travel plans and even things that I once took for granted... I've found a lot of new perspectives on life as well as gear that I find valuable today. Here's some of the items that I think you'll agree we can appreciate again in new and unique ways.

  • LG InstaView Range Adds Air Sous Vide Feature

    There's no doubt that appliances are rapidly becoming an integral part of the smart home. While lights, environmental controls, and security are important... let's face it, food is pretty darn important too. As a gadget-loving guy who this year discovered that he has no more counter space for more cooking machines, this new LG InstaView would be a godsend because it not only includes air fryer functionality and LG's ThinQ connection but now features an Air Sous Vide as well.

  • Roborock H6 Review - A Vacuum That Even Men Will Enjoy Using

    Conventional wisdom suggests that domestic gadgets such as vacuums should be targeted at women but things are changing and products such as vacuums are turning into tech gadgets. Frankly regardless of how much technology can be found on appliances around the home, us men should be just as involved as our partners in keeping things clean and tidy. We had a chance to test out the Roborock H6 Cordless Stick Vacuum and during our review, we were quite impressed.

  • Gift Guide For Guys Working From Home

    As the Holiday Season continues to progress, one thing is for certain. This was year where many of us discovered that working from home wasn't as easy as simply throwing a laptop on the kitchen table. The sad ----> as well as the wonderful reality is that going forward, working from home will become even more normal than it was just last year. Home offices are becoming a standard fixture in the American workplace and that means that you need to spend some time and energy making it more physically comfortable as well as more productive. We've put together a few recommendations that would serve as great gift ideas for your home office.

  • How Much Home Can I Afford To Buy?

    Just how much home can you afford to buy? Understanding exactly what you can get for your money can be important for helping you to determine whether you should buy now or keep saving and buy later. You may have enough for a three-bedroom house. Or you may only have enough for a bedsit.

  • 31 Easy Ways to Save Energy at Home

    Everyone can do their part and while some things are easier than others, right now is a great time to think about doing "something" to save energy around the house. For folks like me here in Southern California, August and September are two months of the year where I suddenly become acutely aware of the costs involved with keeping cool. While the rest of the year is pretty easy, with the hot desert air coming over the mountains and the ocean water unable to cool things down since it has been heating all summer long, it gets hot and stays hot. Since I am generally forced to have my AC running full blast to keep cool that results in electric bills that are often more than $300 per month! However, there are still plenty of ways to offset that cost, so let's check them out!

  • Greenerways Organic Helps You Keep Safe This Summer

    Greenerways Organic provides full suite of organic and earth-friendly items to help you stay healthy this summer, including a bug repellent spray, sunscreen, and all-purpose cleaner, and hand sanitizer. All of the items are designed to be as earth-friendly as possible and where possible use essential oils instead of harsh chemicals for a result that frankly smells pretty good when you use it compared to the chemically clean smell you might otherwise notice.

  • Teleworka Allows You To Share Your Talents And Make Some Cash

    I'm loving the new world that we live in and how things that were once reserved for fancy and expensive corporate users are now available to the rest of us too. I came across one such service last week, Telework which is a combination of iOS app and directory where you can share your talents with others and get some help directly from experts. Think of it as a marketplace where instead of having to beg friends for help you can dial up an expert instantly and get the job done.