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Ways to Show Her She's Loved

Unfortunately, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day are just two days of the year. If you’re lucky enough to have a special woman in your life then it is important to not take her for granted. Not only does she work hard, but she deals with the kids and somehow gathers enough energy to cook dinner and keep your home clean. Not only that, she keeps her composure like a saint and in general is just the most amazing person that you know. It’s understandable that you want to show her how much you appreciate everything that she does and make her feel like a million dollars at every chance you get. So, here are some inventive ideas to show your woman how much you love and appreciate her all year long.

Do Some Extra Chores and Let Her Enjoy Some "Me Time"

Most of the time all women crave after a long week of “Moooomm, can I…” and endless amounts of chores to do is just some time to herself. It’s likely that she doesn’t get time to even take herself off for a quick bath. Whenever possible, take any free time that you’ve got and take the kids off her hands. Run her a hot bath and buy in her favorite wine. It’s amazing what a little bit of relaxation and me time can do for the soul. Trust me, she’ll appreciate it.

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Whisk Her Away To An Unexpected Romantic Getaway

If you want to go a little bigger with your gesture of love, then why not arrange a romantic getaway in a cabin in the woods! We love this one from Julian Cabins by Lake Cuyamaca in San Diego. A rental cabin is the perfect environment to feel secluded and truly alone with one and other. Cozy up together around a fire or take a romantic walk in the woods. Make sure to get a family member or friend to watch the kids for a few days so that you can have some much needed alone time together. Being whisked away is one of the most romantic things you can do for the one that you love!

Surprise Her With a Thoughtful Gift - Just Because

She might not need anything, or even want anything, but to show her that you appreciate everything she does you should surprise her with a gift every now and then and your reasoning should be just because. Just because you love her. Just because of everything she does. Just because she deserves it. It will make the world of difference and make her feel like a million dollars when you do so.


Cook Her Favorite Dinner

Women love it when you remember stuff about them and they also appreciate a man who can cook. Combine those two things and you'll have something that will make her very happy.

Tell Her You Love Her Every Day

And no, we don’t mean the generic ‘love you’ as you walk out of the door each morning either. We mean the true, heartfelt way of saying it. Grasp that little alone time that you have each day, hold her close and tell her how you feel. Women are all about feelings and talking, and opening up like that will show her just exactly what you want her to know.

Try these four ideas of showing your woman how much you love her and make her feel like the woman she deserves to be. Give in as much as you take and you will soon find that your relationship is stronger than it’s ever been.