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pool maintenance updates and other items to include on your check-list before summer comes

As temperatures warm and we begin shedding winter coats, now is an opportune moment for house inspection and preparation for summertime activities. Just as one would prepare their car before traveling on an important road trip, making sure your house meets today's standards will ensure an enjoyable summer ahead. Here are a few suggestions to get ready for this year's outdoor adventures.

Check Your Air Conditioning Unit

As with an athlete's stretch regimen before competing, an air conditioner needs an annual tune-up as part of its summer preparations. Clean its filters, check its coolant levels and make sure everything runs smoothly; don't be caught off guard on an oppressively hot summer day with an ineffective unit!

Roof, Gutter and Window Inspection

Your roof serves as the protector for the entirety of your home and should receive thorough examination in order to detect missing or damaged shingles that could leak during summer thunderstorms, and regularly examine gutters in order to be ready in case a heavy downpour strikes. Likewise, inspect them on an ongoing basis so as to keep any heavy rainfall at bay if it arises and be prepared should anything need addressing in an emergency situation.

Windows are our gateways into the outside world, but over time they may become filthy and obscure our view of all its splendor! Take the time now to thoroughly clean both interior and exterior windows so we may all fully experience its glory!

Your Deck: Prepping It For Summer 

Debut decks serve as the centerpieces for backyard entertainment, providing space to host friends and family or simply unwind and soak in some sun while relaxing comfortably in comfort. In order to prepare it for its seasonal debut this summer it requires careful evaluation, looking out for loose boards, splintered wood or signs of rot before giving a thorough powerwash as required and applying stain or sealant protection from environmental factors.

Maintain Your Lawn

Your lawn serves as the centerpiece for outdoor activities in your yard and should provide an inviting surface, but without proper care can quickly become dry and patchy when left neglected for too long. Make sure that it receives regular irrigation as well as being cut to its proper length before adding fertilizers for extra nutrition boost.

Check Your Outdoor Lighting 

Outdoor lighting adds elegance and sophistication to any outdoor space; yet its absence can create an uncomfortable ambiance. Make sure all bulbs are working; replace any which have burned out - consider updating by installing new fixtures that give it new life. Update too by upgrading with modern features to give more life and excitement!

Proper Care and Maintenance for Your Pool

A swimming pool can be the centerpiece of any backyard oasis, yet proper care and maintenance must be performed regularly to keep it safe for swimmers while remaining clean for swimming purposes. Make sure the water levels stay balanced, add chemicals as necessary to balance pH, clean filters/skimmers on an ongoing basis to preserve clear waters for swimming purposes, etc. It’s also a good idea to look into professional hot tub maintenance to ensure your tub is all ready for the warm season ahead.

Your Grill

Your grill can serve as the center of an incredible culinary adventure, providing mouth-watering meals to share with family and friends. However, without proper care and maintenance it could quickly become an unnecessary health hazard - take the time now to clean out grates, burners, gas lines and storage tank when they start becoming dirty; be prepared when grilling season arrives with extra charcoal or propane available as backup!


In conclusion, prepping your home for summer requires some light maintenance work prior to its beginning; think of it like getting physically prepared before traveling; being proactive makes all the difference for comfort!