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linux gaming

Users who give up on Windows and embrace the user-friendly and secure experience of Linux encounter many challenges while adjusting to the open-source operating system. Playing your favorite PC games and apps is a common issue most new Linux users struggle with, and there are several solutions to overcome this challenge.

Gaming on Linux is considerably easier today, with the advent of gaming solutions like Steam Play and compatible platforms like WINE and Proton. You may not be able to play all the games you enjoyed in Windows, but you can create an immersive gaming experience.

Players who don’t want the hassle of exploring complicated platforms and solutions can explore online gaming platforms that don’t require downloads. Read on to explore some strategies for enjoying your favorite games on Linux.

Download Games Developed for Linux

Gone are the days when game developers were uninterested in developing open-source Linux games. Linux has emerged as the third most used operating system in the world, prompting developers to provide gaming enthusiasts with multiple options officially supported by the platform.

You can download these games from various websites and resources, and start playing without lengthy troubleshooting and compatibility concerns. Steam is the most reliable online video game platform for buying Linux games, and you can also explore an extensive library of free titles.

Steam has an impressive selection, including action-packed arcade games, sports and racing, romance, and indie games. You will have to install Steam from the app center to access the titles. Gaming enthusiasts will find Steam to be a terrific solution to their compatibility vows, from downloading Linux-friendly titles to playing Windows-only games on Steam Play.

Use Tools to Play Windows-only Games

There’s no denying that most popular games and epic titles are designed for Windows only. Linux users who want to experiment with new releases are bound to encounter many frustrations. The selection of Linux games remains small despite the recent efforts to provide users with more options.

But why fret when you can explore a wealth of tools to play popular Windows-only games on Linux? You can use solutions like Wine, CrossOver, GameHub, Phoenicis, and Lutris to operate Windows-only applications in other operating systems, including Linux.

Wine is a popular and easily available solution for enjoying Windows-specific apps and games in Linux, offering an impressively wide selection of games and apps. Most gaming enthusiasts find CrossOver more refined and user-friendly than Wine, primarily because of its advanced technical support. However, CrossOver comes with an annual subscription cost, while Wine is free.

Play Games Online     

Browser-based titles are another simple solution for enjoying an immersive and hassle-free gaming experience in Linux. Gaming websites and online titles that don’t require any downloads are compatible with all operating systems, including Linux, Windows, and Android OS.

Nearly all popular gaming franchises, series, and mobile-based titles provide online versions that can be played on a browser in any operating system. Players who don’t want to download heavy files that slow down their processor speed will find online games more efficient.

Besides, you can explore an endless variety of titles based on your interests and preferences. For instance, fashion lovers can play dress-up games, gambling enthusiasts can tune into a live casino at 777, and players who enjoy puzzle-solving games can explore word searches, jigsaw puzzles, and more.

If you’d like to broaden your horizons and explore new varieties, online gaming will certainly open up a new world of entertainment.

Final Thoughts

Linux users can also explore the Google Chrome Web Store for a multitude of immersive games designed as individual apps. These apps can be downloaded and operated on any operating system, including Linux and you will find them on the application menu. Many of the titles can be played offline.