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safety razors are back

Safety razors have recorded a comeback into the mainstream world thanks to their high quality and durability. Business professionals prefer shaving with a safety razor instead of choosing disposable products that eventually fail regarding shaving quality. Since the average man travels at least once a year due to work or personal life, you’ll find a new challenge in searching for suitable safety razor travel cases.

The safety razor can provide you with a clean, close shave, while disposable products fail after the shaving a few areas from your face. You need a perfect shave when you travel for a meeting that takes your business or job to the next level. So, it's natural to choose a quality safety razor instead of disposable products or risky options from the local market.

Shaving without a compromise anytime and anywhere requires research and a perfect process that includes all the options you have back home. Therefore, you should already begin looking for the best safety razor travel cases you can find.  What matters when making such a choice for your face care?

Experts’ Opinions

Who can advise better than experts when you need to choose from products you don’t know much about? In this area, experts are both buyers who used some products for a long time and encountered different scenarios and review websites which include charts. The lest also include facts and information about products that you don’t usually find in stores’ products descriptions. Our friends at ShavingSolution have this guide that lists the best safety travel razor cases. According to them, the most popular model is the double edge zippered safety razor travel case manufactured by Parker.

You discover what type of travel case you need and if your favorite model fits the safety razor you own by searching through products and opinions. You’ll even notice that high quality stands in materials, manufacturing techniques, zippers and closing possibilities and much more.

safety razor kit stand

Your Razor Blade

What if your favorite travel case just doesn’t fit your safety razor? What can you do now, that it moves inside the case or is longer than the protection case itself? You should begin by measuring your safety razor and see the minimum size that the product might have. Notice everything that makes your razor unique and might raise purchase issues.

Most manufacturers create designated travel cases for their products, to ensure maximum stability and protection. If those options don't fit your needs, search thoroughly through other products' descriptions. You will either find compatibility specs or exact sizes you can measure. You only need to remember that the blade needs to fit perfectly into the case instead of being partially stable into a large case.

Your Wardrobe Style

Business trips imply a formal dress code and accessories from the same style. However, no one sees you in the hotel room – you might think. And you're right unless you share the hotel room with your boss or a business partner. Before exploring your choices in-depth, you need to determine your style. 

  • Business formal: There are genuine leather products which last for years and protect the safety razor in a manner that no other material can.
  • Business casual: If you’re environmentally-conscious and you prefer wearing a business shirt rather than a suit, the faux leather cases suit both your style and values. They usually are long-lasting and accident resistant.
  • Sports or casual: You may be the type of businessman who has a unique personality and hobbies you’re not afraid to reveal. There are EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) cases which look stylish and ensure quality razor storage.

Features and Specs

There’s a lot to consider when purchasing a product you’ll use for many years. The below are the specs you should think:

  • Space in your luggage: Maybe a wallet-type travel case isn’t suitable for your small luggage. There are cases shaped as the razors or that only protect the blades.
  • Product preferences: There are kits which include good cases and razors with additional blades. Purchasing such a case can help you try new products or benefit from your favorites.
  • Travel duration: If your business trips last longer, you will need a case which can integrate backup blades. These cases usually keep blades in a small pocket.


Of course, nobody searches for products they don't afford. Safety razor travel cases make an investment which you benefit from over the years. However, there might be a budget involved in the discussion. The market is broad enough to provide you with plenty of choices.

  • The average case costs around $10. However, options that only protect the blades even reach $5.
  • Most razor-shaped blades have an average price of around $15.
  • Leather-type wallets might cost up to $25. However, most of them come in genuine leather.
  • Shaving kits cost around $35.

safety razor and case

Leaving with the Case

According to the TSA, safety razors are sharped objects which also pass as guns. You can travel with a safety razor travel case, however, if you place it in your checked-in luggage. The safety razor should be securely wrapped to avoid injury and to have the blades removed. This is when the pockets from the travel case come in handy. Traveling by car or train only involves precaution not to harm yourself and others.

Remember that the case is subject to cracks, dents, and another damage risk. So, you should find a warm and safe place for the travel case in your luggage. A toiletries bag protects the safety razor and the case also as it keeps moisture and sudden moves away.

Safety razor travel cases are products you’ll get fond of after the first usage. Once you discover how many worries a safety razor saves you from, there is no return to disposable products. Complexion will look smooth, while the tiny bits of facial hair will stay away. The safety razor travel ensures that you have a flawless image whenever you meet with potential clients, business partners, negotiate mergers or even speak in a conference.

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