punching bag shopping guide

Consider investing in an adjustable boxing bag if you are looking for workout ideas that integrate strength, cardio, and agility. Boxing bag workouts engage all parts of your body and improve your muscular and skeletal health. You essentially use your whole body to create momentum and burn calories while doing this.

However, you must understand how boxing bags work before buying one. They come in many materials and fillings making it essential to check if the punching bag is suitable for your expertise level. Bags filled with sand and other heavy material are ideal for strong boxers with adequate experience, but it's best to start with lighter bags if you are a beginner. 


Shock Absorption 

The bag should absorb your blows and not swing extensively or break from the pressure. Check if the bag is heavy enough so it does not swing too much. Bags that swing extensively can even cause injuries and concussions. 

A standard beginner-level punching bag could weigh anywhere between 70 and 120 pounds. Boxing bags for kids could be lighter than that. Also, check if the bag offers adequate cushioning so your wrists and elbows don't hurt too much. 

The bag design should facilitate the even distribution of the force across the bag's surface area. Try out the bag's resistance and other features in person if possible. 


Material and Filling

Assess the quality and type of material and filling before buying a boxing bag. Some adjustable bags are designed to be compatible with different fillings. Sand and water are the most common types of organic filling materials used in boxing bags. With synthetic fillings, you get more versatility since they come in different weights and textures. 

Bags with foam core interiors can make boxing a lot more comfortable. Ideally, the bags should have a soft interior to minimize the risk of wrist injuries. Bag shells are usually made of leather, synthetic leather and canvas. Lather shells are very durable, and canvas-type shells are the least durable.


Boxing Bag Style

Boxing bags are available in different styles. Heavy boxing bags are excellent for professional boxers, and freestanding bags are the most portable bag types. You can also buy hanging adjustable boxing bags and angled heavy bags. 

Angled bags are usually more expensive, but they offer a range of unique benefits. This bag type is the best if you are training uppercuts and other specialized moves and hits. Further, bags are also available in the classic "wrecking ball" style. 

These bags are ideal for you if you don't have elaborate space to set up your workout space. Water-filled bags are the best choice for people training for boxing matches with opponents.  


Bag Size and Weight

The bag size is another vital point to consider. Your experience level, space requirements and even your frame are factors you should consider when choosing a bag size. You may also note that size and portability are not directly related. 

Just because a boxing bag is big does not necessarily mean it is heavy. Kids and beginners should start with lighter bags. Ask your trainer for advice on the best bag size and weight for you.


Bag Stability

Your boxing bags should be stable. They typically come with links, metal pivots and chains to ensure maximized stability. Always check that the chains and links are made of high-quality metal for your utmost security.

If the links and other bearings are low-quality, they could break with the impact of the punches and blows. If the bag flings off the chains or falls on you, you may end up sustaining severe injuries. You need a stable boxing bag to hone your striking technique.


Durability and Abrasion Resistance

The shell material and filling material should be durable. They should also offer abrasion resistance. Go through reviews and quality ratings of the bag before investing in it. Boxing bags are expected to last for years, however, you may have to tighten the links and chains every few years for maximized durability. 


Striking Power

Your striking power is another crucial point to consider. If your striking power is high, then it's better to invest in a heavy boxing bag. Striking power may also vary based on the boxing type and technique you use. 


Safety Gear

As per experts, you should never strike a boxing bag with bare hands. Always use high-quality boxing gloves to throw your blows. Also, ensure that glove material works on the bag.


Wrapping Up

It takes discipline and focus to learn boxing. Buy from top-rated brands specializing in manufacturing and selling high-quality boxing bags and other sports and fitness equipment.