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minimalist watch

Watches, like ties and socks are one of those rare opportunities for guys to show off their style without being flashy. Well, OK ... watches can be flashy and ostentatious too, but generally this is a great opportunity for a guy to be subtle and make an impact only when it slides out of your sleeve and the metal and crystal glints in the sunlight for just a moment or two.

No matter how advanced technology becomes in our “wired” age, there’s still a place for a good old-fashioned wrist watch (even if it’s also the latest techie fun tool!)—and minimalist watches make it possible to not only wear a watch but be fashionable about doing it. Here are seven good points about wearing a minimalist wrist watch that you may not have thought of…but which may affect your life far beyond knowing what time it is!

It’s polite.

Checking your phone or any other device, in the midst of a meeting, just to see what time it is? Well, in many circles, that’s considered rude. Conversely, you can check a watch unobtrusively and no one thinks any less of that; in fact, it can actually make you look MORE polite, in that you come across as time-conscious (and not wanting to waste that of others). 

man looking at watch

It conveys your sense of style and personality.

First impressions do matter, and everything counts. This means that when someone first meets you, he or she will notice a lot in a matter of seconds—from the way you stand and speak to your clothing and even your accessories. And, in most business situations, you’ll be expected to wear a watch to your interview; the lack of one may even indicate to an interviewer that you’re not taking their time seriously, or you don’t take schedules seriously in general. This won’t help you land the job!

On the lighter side of the equation, minimalist watches are a great way to show off a touch of personal style without being “in someone’s face” about it. You and your newest acquaintance may share an affinity for a particular brand, a standout style, or a color of watchband or watch face that you don’t see every day. That small detail can form the basis for discovering you have much more in common, and even lead to a more lasting friendship. Not bad for a humble accessory!

It shows a sense of responsibility.

Since none of us can wrestle more than twenty-four hours out of a day, if you’re respectful of others’ time, they’ll appreciate that sign immediately. Using a phone for anything other than communication, especially using it as a “cheap” alternative to a watch, can make people wonder if you’re irresponsible about other aspects of your life, too. It’s worth investing in a watch to avoid that perception.

It makes monitoring your schedule easy.

It’s not always easy to be in a place where there’s a clock on the wall; meeting rooms are notorious for the lack of them, and even in a place where there is a clock, it’s distracting to always have to turn and check it to see where you “stand” schedule-wise. By contrast, if you’re wearing a watch, it doesn’t matter if there’s no other clock anywhere around; you can track the time spent on individual tasks, as well as monitor whether you’re ahead or behind your proposed schedule for the day, easily.

watch leather band

It’s a “grown-up” accessory that’s still trendy.

Here’s a fact: minimalist watches aren’t just kid stuff. Yes, young people wear them…but they’re not the only ones. All the way up the social ladder, there’s a certain cachet attached to a quality watch, and minimalist watches are made by the finest timepiece manufacturers in the world. A minimalist watch is also easy to turn into a “grownup” accessory with the simple swapping out of a band or by having a watch face that’s smaller and more unobtrusive than a “pop culture” model might have. If you have more than one minimalist watch in your collection, you can tailor your accessory to any outfit or occasion with ease and still be fashion-forward when it counts.

It’s convenient.

Since your watch is always with you, it’s a snap to know how much time you need to get to the next appointment, to prepare for that big presentation, or to make your train going home. You can never have too many portable, easy-to-use tools to make your day go more smoothly…including a great watch. It can even be an heirloom.

A quality watch lasts for a long time, even beyond your lifetime—as proven by many of us who own heirloom watches from a grandparent, aunt, or uncle. Whether you imagine your heirs getting a kick out of the “trendy” nature of your accessory or treasuring the classic lines of a more traditional minimalist watch, it’s a nice feeling to know that when you purchase a quality timepiece, it can mean even more than convenience, style, or responsibility someday: it can be a connection to you that your loved ones will cherish forever.

These are only some of the reasons you’ll be wise to invest in a quality minimalist watch. Check out the best, and buy the best you can afford. You won’t regret it.