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Feeling comfortable in a car could come in two ways. As a passenger, you want to be transported away from the bumps and twists in the road. As a driver, you want to feel everything possible. But, in newer cars, the technology is such that there’s not a lot of feedback. In more ‘analog’ cars you could feel the road through the tires and into your feet. You can feel the chassis slipping around on the road through your rear and hips. You could feel the moaning and stressful conditions the tires are experiencing through your hands. What happened to all of that? It's largely due to a lack of driver-focused setups in cars, but thankfully, the aftermarket is full of choices.

Proper Footwear Reduces Fatigue and Looks Sharp

Even with drive-by-wire cars hitting the road in their droves, you can still feel what is going on through the pedals. Fitting skeleton pedals would lighten the surface area and therefore, let you feel more vibrations through your soles and toes. Hollowed pedals with holes cut into them are better for gripping the surface anyway, as they allow your shoes to sink into the pedal deeper. Wearing driving shoes with thin soles is another great way to feel more connected to the engine. Because the shoes are slimmer, they will also allow for more bend in the foot, which means you can manipulate the pedals from different angles. This is especially handy when you have wet shoes.

We just got a pair of driving moccasins from Minnetonka and can't wait to check out the feel vs standard sneakers. it got me thinking though ... what else can you add that would be fashion accessories but would have an actual impact on your driving performance?

must have mens fashion items for driving in style


Proper Seating Position Helps Maintain Responsiveness and Comfort

The fit and finish of your car isn’t the only important aspect of good driving experience. Your own fit in the car itself needs to be equally well adjusted. You can start small with seat covers that add extra cushioning, or you can go big. For instance, if you are building out the car for performance on the track, you'll want a proper racing seat. The Recaro racing seats on Automotive Stuff is a prime example of how seats focussed on driving position and stability, should be done. You also have a host of other seats to choose from, and not all of them are as sporty as this option. If you want a better driving experience in your grand touring car or saloon, then you can also get the Trailmax II sport seat. It's not as tight around the hips and shoulders but it's snug enough to give you stability as you throw your mile-muncher around some bends. 


Good Gloves Help Maintain Grip and Look Great

Driving gloves are highly recommended because just as you don’t want your body to move around as you’re driving, your hands shouldn’t either. But we sweat while we drive and many times the steering wheel is made out of leather or a non-breathable synthetic. That’s why driving gloves are a good idea for someone who really wants to grip the wheel without using any effort.


Shades Help Keep an Eye On The Road and Driver Looking Sweet

Sunglasses can help reduce eye strain while driving but also polarized lenses can help reduce glare bouncing off an oncoming vehicle. Plus, they will simply look great when you step out of the car and meet with your friends, so don't go cheap. Get something stylish and fun that have the proper fit so they won't slide around on your face as you take those corners at speed.