Rediculous Men's Fashion Trends

The one thing that can make any man cringe are the fashion trends that men have embraced in the past. While we no longer wear long robes and heavy wigs and comfortable clothes are the standard today, it's still important to dress well and look great. It's hard to quantify, but throughout all of these fashion trends the one thing remains true - a man who dresses well will also typically be seen as more confident and capable. These are important qualities for business as well as in your personal life. While trends come and go, your personal style will be what ultimate defines you.

Throughout the ages there have been a ton of crazy looks that we look back at now and wonder what the hell they were thinking. However, our generation unfortunately isn't immune to these fashion errors, so here are some of my favorites :)


I'm cool with men embracing jewelry, but what on earth would ever possess you to put to on over your teeth? Grills need to be gone for ever!

goth man

Goth Look For Men

Tattoos, mouth piercings, painted nails, and bonus points for industrial jewelry featuring pentagrams and other pagan symbols, goth is a look we're glad is just a faint memory today. 

 rapper flava flav of public enemy 90s hip hop fashion

Gangsta' Fabulous

Big gold chains, gold rings, sideways hats and a general sloppy look featuring bright colors. Maybe if you lived in the hood this is OK, but white guys driving beemers will never have "street cred".

 parachute pants

Hammer and Parachute Pants

Sadly this fashion trend inspired by artists like MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice in the 90's, is making a come back as "harem pants". Thankfully the bright neon colors are staying buried. 

 kris kross backwards saggy jeans

Saggy Pants and Backwards Clothing

Sometimes you just have to be ridiculous and I think that's what Kriss Kross tried to do to get attention. Unfortunately for the rest of us, it inspired a generation to try and wear clothes backwards too.

man wearing shutter shades

Shutter Shades

Only a moron would wear these instead of tinted glass, but we've got a lot of morons trying new things in the 90's and so shutter shades became a thing.

hipster man

Hipster Beards and Bow Ties

Geek chic is still in but this look is going to be looked at the same way other looks are too, so just stop it.

skinny jeans for men

Girls' "skinny" Jeans

We get it - you have no balls, so you can wear jeans designed for girls. This isn't manly and it can't be comfortable either, so man up and try something new.


Ultimately, it's up to you to develop your own style and I encourage you to avoid jumping on trends. Don't be like everyone else - be yourself, but look good. It's always important to keep an eye on stuff men buy and today is easier than ever. Go on Instagram and search for hashtags like #MensFashion or #MensStyle, then take that as inspiration - don't copy. By doing this on a regular basis, you can develop a style that defines you and brings you success in life.