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Aqua Nera expedition cruise on Amazon River

In recent years the cruise industry has transformed itself from a fairly niche part of the leisure industry driven more by people looking to experience something specific - such as visiting a remote island that almost nobody else ever has, or exploring rivers farther than even many of the great exploreers dared to go back in the golden years of the British Empire. These men and women were true explorers willing to sacrifice creature comforts and service for the opportunity to do something nobody else had done. Today, though, the industry has expanded, and companies like Aqua Expeditions blend the excitement of expedition cruising with the comforts of ultra-premium luxury and service.

Aqua Expeditions Explores Iconic Rivers and Remote Islands

The first thing you'll notice about Aqua Expeditions is that it's a very small cruise company whose fleet consists of only five vessels currently - they have three river cruise vessels: Aqua Mekong, Aria Amazon, and Aqua Nera (Peruvian Amazon) as well as two expedition yachts: Aqua Blu (East Indonesia) and Aqua Mare (Galapagos Islands).

As a result of the small size, each of these ships offers guests a unique opportunity to be part of the experience and not merely along for the ride as is the case in traditional ocean cruising as well as some of the other luxury expedition products out there where the ships are designed for 100+ guests vs 15-30 as is the case here.

Onboard, guests will be treated to modern amenities such as plunge pools, jacuzzies, spa treatment rooms, luxury bedding, and a menu curated by world-renowned chefs that include inspirations drawn from the local region to help complete the sense of immersion that only an intimate expedition cruise experience like this could create.

Remote destinations hold an irresistible allure with their untouched beauty, tranquillity, and mystery. These Aqua Expeditions off-the-beaten-path locales offer an escape from urban life, providing a chance to reconnect with nature and indulge in unique adventures, cultural immersion, and awe-inspiring waterways and landscapes.

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Experiences Crafted By Expedition Leaders With Year-round Regional Experience

As the industry has expanded, it is natural that many other companies have focused on moving a limited number of vessels around to seek out new destinations at different times of the year. Unfortunately, as we've experienced before on other small ship cruises - that sometimes results in failures and missed opportunities as the expedition teams aren't equipped to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves when the original plans don't work out as intended.

2022 aqua mare - Courtesy Of Aqua Expeditions



aqua mekong biking excursion - Courtesy Of Aqua Expeditions

Mekong River 


amazon market visit - Courtesy Of Aqua Expeditions

Peruvian Amazon


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Ultra Luxury Food, Beverages, and Service On Board



For more information about Aqua Expeditions, including booking your next trip, please contact Heather at FlowVoyages, our preferred travel advisor.


Photos Courtesy of Aqua Expeditions