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manly golf destinations around the world

Sport plays a big part in most mancations - and for many of you, heading off for a round of golf IS the mancation. If you and the guys are not talking about it, you’re probably watching it together or playing it together.

Golf remains a popular hobby for many groups of friends and associates and it is also a great excuse to see some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. The following golf destinations are perfect if you want to spend some quality man time together and enjoy a round or two of golf ... 

The Algarve

Algarve golf is all about having fun in the sun on the southern tip of Portugal. Portugal and neighboring Spain are renowned for having some of the best golf courses in Europe, courses like San Lorenzo and Quinta de Cima. In fact, any of the courses located in and around Vilamoura are of a high standard and the great thing about taking a golf holiday in Algarve is that the local nightlife is also lively, especially in the summer months.

The Costa del Sol

When it comes bringing together the guys to have a few drinks at night and during the day play some great golf Costa del Solis perfect if you live in Europe and want to enjoy some warm weather. The iconic Valderrama course is a short drive away if you fancy following in the footsteps of some of the game’s greats and Marbella should keep the lads happy when darkness falls.

Las Vegas

Let’s be honest,Las Vegas golf courses are not the reason you head to ‘Sin City’. However, it’s a nice added bonus that the entertainment capital of the world does have a few pristine courses right on its doorstep if you can prize yourself away from the bars and casinos for long enough. Southern Highlands and Lake Las Vegas are two courses well worth checking out in Vegas.