Top waterfront cities around the world

Water is life. It is where we evolved from and in fact most of the body is in fact water. Humans, in general, have a love for being close to the water, and for centuries it has also been a primary method of transportation and commerce. As a result, some of the greatest cities in the world were all built on the shores of lakes, rivers, and oceans around the world. This is something that transcends cultures so that's one of the reasons I love traveling. It's something that unites all of us!

Some of the most ancient and beautiful cities are found along the many coastlines and waterways around the world. These cities hold ancient histories that originated as they developed social and trading centers. The draw of living on the water and taking advantage of its tranquility and bounty has helped these cities grow and endure over the years.

Many coastal cities are not only centers for trade and commerce but also a popular destination for vacation seekers. Hitting the waves or relaxing along a serene coastline is a great way to spend your holiday no matter where you are in the world.

Whether you want to explore Puget sound on a sailboat chartered from Emerald Landing or want to walk along the endless sandy expanse of Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro there are dozens of coastal cities that are the perfect destination for water lovers. Let’s take a look at a handful of some of the most popular and spectacular coastal cities from around the world.

space needle in downtown seattle washington

Seattle, Washington

The coastal city of Seattle is actually nestled along the pacific shoreline and surrounded by several bodies of water. The modern skyline is a favorite to view on a cruise out on Elliot Bay. 

The waterfront of Seattle is full of cultural diversity, historical buildings, parks, and a charming boardwalk. The famous pier 57 is a must-see destination in Seattle and perfect for tourists looking for unique shopping, entertainment, and dining.

Oslo, Norway

Oslo is a modern city that celebrates its Viking roots. The Norwegians are considerably conscious of their environment and have adopted many eco-friendly technologies and lifestyles. The city is small enough to be enjoyed on foot. Visit the Viking Ship Museum, discover the variety of artists and street performers popular in the downtown district or take a cruise out on the fjords and discover the stunning coastlines of the area.

gondola rides through the canals of venice italy

Venice, Italy

The original city on the water, Venice was originally built on top of a scattering of small islands on the Adriatic Sea. This richly historical and magical floating city is a pleasure to behold for young and old. Your main transportation as you tour the city is via water taxi or gondola that will help transport you back in time.

Barcelona, Spain

There is never a shortage of exciting activities to experience when you visit Barcelona, Spain. From the stunning architecture made famous by Gaudi, the traditional bullfights and the stunning sands of the Barceloneta Beach the action never stops in this Mediterranean city that is both charmingly modern and deeply historical.

istanbul turkey

Istanbul, Turkey

This ancient city is known as the gateway to the east. Istanbul has sat along the shores of the Bosphorus Strait for over 2,500 years. You can visit famous landmarks like the Blue Mosque and then enjoy a quiet dinner in a waterfront cafe and watch the boats sail by into the sea of Marmara.

rio de janeiro brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

With over 25 miles of pristine coastal beach, it’s no wonder that Rio is one of the most visited vacation destinations in the world. The carnival atmosphere comes from the passion, history, and artistry of the Brazilian people. Surrounded by the Dois Irmaos volcanic peaks, this magical city is one that should be on everyone’s Travel Bucket List.

If you are naturally drawn to the sound, smells and calming nature of the water, a vacation at one of these spectacular coastal cities from around the world might be perfect for you.