Become a Guest Contributor:

For the past 5+ years, Man Tripping has been written by myself with a handful of guest contributors. During that time, we have achieved media coverage in national media including: New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Denver Post and many more. Over that same period of time, the site as grown from something only a handful of people knew about to something that hundreds of thousands of guys use when searching for ideas related to their next mancation and guys weekends.

To better serve my audience, I am now shifting the site from being focused on "my personal travels" and places that I wish I could go and instead opening it up to guest authors representing tourism destinations, hotels, tours etc.

This means that I'll be able to spend more of my time doing what I love - promoting the concept of mancations and guys weekends and working with travel operators to get the word out vs being choked up with too much stuff to write about and not enough time to do anything about it.

This is NOT a free-for-all opportunity for you to simply copy/paste a press release but it is a chance for you to provide high-quality content that will be shared out through this site and associated social media channels including more than 15k followers on Twitter and 3k followers on Pinterest.


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