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  • Carbon Steel Pans May Be The Goldilocks Solution For Ceramic Cooktop Chefs

    I'm obessed with cast iron pans for cooking. They hold their heat, can withstand high temperatures and they don't have a problem being placed in the oven for the perfect reverse sear steak. There's a whole bunch of other benefits that for my style of cooking make them a cherished part of my kitchen. Unfortunately, with my new condo and a very fancy new cooktop, the instructions had a call out that I should avoid using cast iron cookware. What to do!? The answer came in the form of a product pitch from KitchenAid who suggested that I try their new line of NITRO Carbon Steel Cookware since it offers similar benefits to cast iron in terms of being able to build up a non-stick surface through active seasoning but was lighter and easier to cook with like aluminum core pans that I typically avoid since I don't like non-stick coatings. After a few weeks of using these new carbo steel pans I definitely have more than a few thoughts to share!

  • Protecting Your Truck from Salt Damage: How to Prevent Costly Repairs and Maintain Performance

    It might be warm right now, but winter is around the corner. After living in southern California for the past decade, I'd sorta forgotten about the beating that cars up north take due to salt and other chemicals used to keep the roads safe to drive on during winter storms. As good as these are to get rid of ice... they are equally good at damaging trucks, SUVs, and cars. That means that you need to do something to shield your truck from the damaging effects of road salt corrosion. Sure, I'd already planned to wash my undercarriage regularly and I'd thought about applying protective coatings last winter but it seemed like overkill. Last week, though, I was talking with a friend who's lived in Ohio all his life, and he shared some efficient and effective ways that he uses to keep his truck going strong. Here's what he shared about maintaining a vehicle's body condition throughout the colder months and some mistakes he made that we can avoid!

  • Why You Shouldn't Depend On Cash When Traveling Internationally

    A trip overseas can be one of the most memorable journeys of your life – it helps you grow, be more understanding, and take in new abilities. But everything requires money, so you have expenses as you travel just as you would at home. Don’t ruin your entire vacation by finding yourself unable to pay for dinner or the train fare while you’re away. The ever-expanding ATM fleet worldwide and the emergence of smartphones have made paying for things abroad easier than ever. Apps, for instance, allow for the quick conversion of any currency into any currency; they even locate the nearest ATM that takes your card. 

  • Decluttering Your Man Cave: Maximizing Space

    Your man cave is a space that is entirely your own; it’s a place to relax, unwind, and practice hobbies you enjoy. There’s nothing wrong with having a space of your own, but with comfort zones like this, it’s quite easy for the area to get cluttered, messy, or downright filled with junk.

  • How To Avoid A Hangover On Your Next Guys Trip

    Vacations mean fun and drinking is often part of the total experience. Whether it's visiting breweries, whiskey tasting at a distillery, or a late night of partying at the nightclubs, drinking too much can lead to a hangover, leaving you feeling sick with headaches and nausea. While the best way to avoid this is to eat something before going out, drink plenty of water, and moderate your alcohol consumption - avoiding a hangover on vacation can be more complicated than that. Luckily, I've had some experience with this and hopefully you can avoid the troubles that I've experienced over the years. Get ready. This article will guide you through steps to prevent that dreaded hangover while still enjoying your vacation drinks.

  • Activities for Men: Keep Active and Involved

    The importance of activities that contribute to the physical, mental and emotional state of a person has never been more than in today’s dynamic world. Men who participate in activities that are in line with their hobbies and passions are likely to achieve a boost in their general well-being and happiness. Men can engage in outdoor activities, do-it-yourself projects and sports leagues among so many activities to keep them active. In this section, some of the most frequent activities for men and their benefits will be elaborated.

  • Guide To investing: Attributes Men Need To Be Successful

    It’s natural for men to want to be financially secure, especially considering they must provide for their families. Financial security enables you to live a comfortable life, retire safely, or achieve other personal goals that you’ve set for yourself. Now, this concept looks different for everyone: to some, financial security translates into a successful business, while for others, it might mean a highly paid job. However, men have recently become increasingly interested in investing, and that’s for a reason: this is an exceptional way to improve your financial well-being in the long run. But of course, investing isn’t a piece of cake – it is an endeavor that requires responsibility, commitment, an excellent strategy, and the right mindset.

  • 15 Self Care Ideas For Men

    The world self care seems to be popping up in the media everywhere I look and it is the latest trend among progressive women. So why you ask am I talking about it here? The simple answer is taking the time to relax, step back from your daily life and spend some time getting to know yourself is just as important for men as it is women. While the origins of this term come from a soft woke place, that doesn't mean we can't take things and turn it up a notch. The core concept though is the same, so let's take a look at some fun self care ideas for men.

  • Tips For Sober People Who Still Want To Enjoy A Summer Party With Friends

    Staying sober at summer parties can seem tough. One fact stands out: fun doesn't require alcohol. This article offers strategies to enjoy these gatherings without booze. Read on for solid advice.

  • What You Can Do With Unused Airline Miles And Other Loyalty Points

    I'm probably like a lot of you guys - I'm sitting on a literal mountain of hotel, airline, and car rental miles, credit card points and other loyalty credits from various sources. For some brands - like my Marriot and Hilton points, these are being saved up for an awesome "free vacation" at some point but with others such as my 300,000+ AAvantage miles from American Airlines that I banked while in San Diego, I'm frankly not sure what to do with them. I don't fly American Airlines anymore since Delta is the big player out of Detroit. Because of this, I've started thinking about what I can do with those points besides redeeming for a flight somewhere. At one point I'd just looked at them as being something to bank like cash but the reality is that every year the industry continues to devalue them by changing redemption rates, adding fees, and restricting what flights you can redeem them for. This isn't cash in the bank, it's an asset that becomes less and less valuable every year!

    In short, don't let those unused airline miles or loyalty points go to waste. Use them creatively and practically in your journey from tenant to homeowner. Trust me, every bit helps.

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    Always Check Your Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions To Find Limitations

    To understand your loyalty program's limitations, it is imperative to carefully read through the terms and conditions of your specific program. Each program differs, like an exclusive club with its own set of rules and regulations. This includes restrictions on how you can redeem points and what you can do with them other than buying airline tickets or hotel room nights. For instance, while some programs allow selling miles, this can be against the terms and conditions of other programs. This can be confusing for some folks since there can be restrictions that, while not "illegal," are against the company's policies. 

    The last thing you want to do is make a mistake and find that your hard-earned points have been completely wiped from your account!

    Key Terms And Conditions Details To Look At

    • Expiration Dates: Many programs have expiration policies for points and miles. If not used within a certain time frame, typically ranging from 12 to 36 months, these can expire and be irretrievably lost.
    • Blackout Dates: Some programs restrict the use of miles or points on certain peak travel dates, known as blackout dates. This can limit your ability to use rewards during popular travel periods such as holidays or major events.
    • Transfer Restrictions: Points and miles often cannot be transferred between different programs or may incur fees when transferred. Additionally, transferring points to another person may be restricted or subject to high costs.
    • Earning Limitations: There might be caps on how many points or miles you can earn within a certain period or on specific types of purchases. This can limit the potential rewards from big purchases or frequent spending.
    • Redemption Fees: Redeeming miles or points for travel or other rewards can sometimes involve additional fees, reducing the overall value of your points. These fees can vary widely among programs and redemption types.

    If you have questions about what you can and can't do with your loyalty program, the best bet is to look on the airline or hotel website. We're going to discuss some common suggestions below but as I've found out from personal experience - what works for AAdvantage Miles might not be the same as Delta SkyMiles. While most programs work similarly, as they say... the devil is in the details!


    • American Airlines AAdvantage: Offers miles for flights with American Airlines and its partner carriers, redeemable for flights, upgrades, and more.
    • Delta SkyMiles: Features no blackout dates on Delta flights, and miles do not expire, redeemable for flights, seat upgrades, and car rentals.
    • United MileagePlus: Provides opportunities to earn and spend miles on United flights and services, with extensive partner networks.
    • Southwest Rapid Rewards: Known for its ease of earning reward flights without blackout dates or seat restrictions on Southwest Airlines.
    • British Airways Executive Club: Allows earning and spending of Avios on flights, upgrades, and more with a focus on transatlantic travel.


    • Marriott Bonvoy: Combines previous loyalty programs from Marriott, Starwood, and Ritz-Carlton, offering benefits across a vast portfolio of hotels.
    • Hilton Honors: Provides benefits and point earning opportunities across Hilton's extensive global network of hotels.
    • World of Hyatt: Known for its generous point earnings and redemption opportunities across Hyatt hotels and resorts worldwide.
    • IHG Rewards Club: Covers InterContinental Hotels Group hotels, offering rewards for hotel stays, airline miles, and more.
    • Wyndham Rewards: Includes a straightforward point system for stays at Wyndham hotels and the ability to redeem points for free nights.

    With all of that out of the way, let's take a look at some things that you can do with your unused airline miles and other loyalty points... 

    Donating your unused miles to a charity or non-profit organization is a noble act that many organizations appreciate. Such donations can be used to support their operations or help those in need. Not only does this allow you to contribute to a cause you hold dear, but it also fosters a sense of community involvement.

    Please note, however, that donating miles has tax implications. Most often, you won't receive a tax deduction for these kinds of donations, as the IRS does not categorize miles as income. It's advisable to consult a tax professional for an accurate understanding of your specific situation though.

    Generally speaking, donating miles and points is more of a generous act rather than something that can be used to benefit you financially. While some airlines may allow full flexibility when it comes to donating miles, most offer a limited set of organizations that allow you to donate miles. For example, American Airlines restricts you from donating miles to four different organizations, including Miles for Social Good and Miles For Heros. On the other hand, Delta has a much more robust list of organizations, including Habitat For Humanity and American Red Cross.

    These miles donated are used by the organizations to help move people around the world as needed to serve their mission, help refugees, or even service dogs in the case of Canine Assistants.

    Donating is usually simple and can be completed online through the airline or loyalty program's website.

    Use Points To Upgrade Your Inflight Experience

    Aside from purchasing airline tickets, using unused airline miles and loyalty points to upgrade your inflight experience is one of the most common uses. These points can be a fantastic way to enhance the comfort and luxury of your journey, making it more enjoyable.

    This can include everything from upgrading your flight from coach to business class, purchasing lounge access day passes, or depending on your program sometimes you can even use the miles to buy inflight food and drinks.

    Use Airline Miles To Buy Non-Flight Items Like Magazines

    While most programs offer miles that don't expire yearly like they once did, buying magazines was a common way to use small amounts of points and keep the account active. Today there are plenty of other things you can buy depending on the program from magazines to gifts. For example, you can even use United MileagePlus points to buy a 4lb rib roast from Kansas City Steak Company (23,900 Award Miles) or a Traeger Pro Pellet Grill for as little as 161,600 Award Miles!

    This feature is very rewarding to me since a do most of my travel paid for by someone else so its not like I need to save money paying for my own flights. Shopping like this though feels like a bonus gift for all my travels. Knowing it didn't cost me anything, receiving a new magazine issue in the mail is a small pleasure and certainly a new grill or a prime rib dinner is pretty special too. It's another way to maximize your travels, allowing your miles to offer you more than just destinations.

    Gift Or Transfer Airline Miles To Friends and Family

    You can gift or transfer your airline miles to your friends and family. This can be a thoughtful gesture, particularly if they need help planning a trip or are in a tight spot. But before you proceed, it's crucial to be aware of the Mileage Gifting Regulations. Different airlines have distinct rules. Some may allow unlimited transfers, while others may cap the number of miles you can gift or transfer annually. 

    You also need to consider the Miles Transfer Fees. Most airlines impose a service fee per mile for gifting miles. It's crucial to balance these charges against the Recipient Benefits, but generally, this is a pretty nice gift if you have family members that can't afford a vacation or where last-minute travel - for instance, to a funeral - makes purchasing a ticket prohibitively expensive sometimes miles redemption can be a great option.

    Convert Airline Miles To Hotel Points

    Some programs will allow you to convert your airline miles to hotel points to maximize each mile. The conversion rates vary among different airlines and hotel programs, with some offering more value than others. Others will allow you to use your miles to purchase vacation packages, including hotel and air bundled.

    Firstly, you need to find the best hotel programs that partner with your airline. Some top-notch ones include Marriott Bonvoy, Hilton Honors, and World of Hyatt. Converting your miles into points in these programs can let you enjoy benefits at partner hotels, such as complimentary nights, room upgrades, late check-out, and access to exclusive events.

    Before you proceed with the conversion, you should do a quick calculation to ensure you're getting a good deal. Find out how many hotel points you'll receive per airline mile, and compare this with the usual cost of a hotel room or the points needed for a free stay. Additionally, keep an eye out for promotional periods when you could earn bonus points for conversions.

    Use Airline Miles To Bid On Travel Experiences

    You can use your airline miles to bid on unique travel experiences through experiential auctions. These exclusive opportunities allow you to use your accumulated points strategically to bid on unforgettable experiences such as private tours and VIP event access.

    Although your number of points is important, the key lies in how you use them. To enhance your chances of success, it's recommended that you familiarize yourself with various bidding techniques. Many airlines host these auctions on their own websites, making it easier for you to participate.

    Before placing a bid, consider the value of the experience you're bidding on. This can be challenging since these experiences are usually designed to be exclusive and essentially "priceless". For instance, how do you put value on Trackside Access and Pre-Race Access to the driver introductions and access to the Green Room Lounge at the Ally 400 NASCAR Race in Nashville? For race fans looking for a great guys getaway, spending SkyMiles for two passes to an experience like this could be a great option.

    Evaluate whether it is worth the number of miles you would have to spend. Just because you have the ability to bid doesn't necessarily mean you should. To ensure you're maximizing the value of your miles, take your time, consider the advantages and disadvantages, and make a decision that matches your travel aspirations and points strategy.

    Conclusion: Miles Are For More Than Just Tickets!

    To sum up, don't let your unused airline miles or loyalty points go to waste. You have numerous options, from upgrading your inflight experience to bidding on travel experiences. You can also convert them into hotel points or even donate them to charity. Remember, checking your loyalty program's terms and conditions is important to understand any limitations. So, start making the most of your accumulated rewards today.

  • Road Trip Safety Guide: Ensuring a Safe Journey

    For most adventurers, there’s nothing more exciting than driving to a new destination and taking in nature and culture along the way. Whether it’s with family, friends, or by yourself, a trouble-free road trip can help create some awesome memories.

    However, there’s only so much we can control while sitting behind the wheel. Your journey could involve undesirable weather, reckless drivers, risky terrain, and more. That’s why it’s essential that you do what you can to ensure a safe road trip. This road safety guide is here to help you mitigate travel risks.

  • Practice Makes Perfect: How To Achieve Elite Status As A Gamer

    Attaining elite gamer status involves dedicated practice, similar to athletes. Most people don't think about this and merely look at video games as a passtime like reading a book or watching a movie. Today though video games are a nearly $200 BILLION dollar industry with fans worldwide. I look back at my youth and remember competing in tournaments and LAN parties but those activities almost seem quaint compared to the industry that has developed around competitive gaming today. As with anything though, there are those who want to achieve more and level up faster than they would simply by being a casual player. That's what we're looking at today. Are you ready to take your gaming skills to the next level? 

  • How To Keep Productive While Working As A Digital Nomad

    I understand the unique challenge of maintaining productivity as a digital nomad, as someone who travels regularly it is essential that I am able to maintain productivity on the road so that things appear seamless to you guys reading my content. Balancing travel, work, and personal time, all while ensuring that you have time to enjoy life may seem intimidating. With proper planning and discipline, though, it's more than achievable. However, it's important to ask yourself, how do you manage all this while staying safe online and not overcommitting yourself? Let's explore some strategies to help you thrive in your digital nomad journey.

  • Surviving Sexual Harassment Charges: A Guide For Men To Defend Themselves

    Surviving sexual harassment charges requires measured strategies. First, cease contact with the accuser to respect their boundaries and protect your interests. Following that, secure professional legal representation to navigate the complex legal landscape. A competent lawyer will guide you through plea deal discussions, potentially lessening penalties. To conclude, maintaining appropriate personal conduct can heavily influence the court's perception of you. Respectful and disciplined behavior towards all parties is crucial. This guide can provide further insights into managing such situations.

  • Eight Travel Tips to Make Your Boys Trip Awesome

    Summer is here, and I am sure you are dreaming about planning an awesome boys trip, heading off to somewhere fun and unique to blow off some steam and have fun with the guys. Whatever your travel plans are this summer, it's important to ensure you have your stuff in order. Otherwise, what should be a once-in-a-lifetime trip could quickly turn into something memorable for lesser reasons. Shaving is a lot like traveling if you think about it, while anyone can do either, when you do it right it's great experience. However, if you have the wrong tools or bad technique, it is no fun!

  • Building a Strong Case - What to Do When Charged With Assault

    Assault charges can significantly impact an individual's life. They can have severe consequences, even when they do not end in conviction. The mere accusation can strain your relationships, cause financial strain, and harm your reputation. If you are convicted, the consequences are more severe and can range from fines and probation to community service and even jail time.

  • Office Party Holiday Celebrations To Bring Joy To The Workplace All Year Round

    The holiday season brings joy, camaraderie, and festivity, making it the perfect time for office holiday parties. These events are not just about celebrating the end of the year but also about building relationships, appreciating employees' hard work, and setting a positive tone for the upcoming year. However, organizing a successful office holiday party requires careful planning, creativity, and attention to detail. In this blog post, we'll walk you through the essential steps to ensure your office holiday party is memorable, inclusive, and enjoyable for everyone involved.

  • Things You Don't Think About When It Comes To Owning A Diesel Truck

    On the surface, manufacturers like to present diesel engines as just another alternative to petroleum gas-powered internal combustion engines. Sure, they typically have more torque and other differences but when it comes to owning one, there are a surprising number of new parts and processes that you'll need to learn to keep it running efficiently. This shouldn't dissuade you from buying a diesel if that, in fact, is the best choice for what you need .. but don't do it blindly!

  • Classic Trendless Fashion Elements Every Guy Needs To Have In His Closet

    Are you tired of feeling like you're always a step behind when it comes to fashion trends? Do you wish you could effortlessly elevate your style without constantly chasing the latest fads? Well, you're in luck! In this article, we're going to introduce you to some timeless wardrobe staples that can keep you looking stylish and on-point, no matter the season. From classic denim to versatile white sneakers, these fashion essentials will help you build a wardrobe that stands the test of time.

  • What To Do If You're Arrested in Another State

    Facing arrest is undoubtedly a stressful experience. Maybe there's a big misunderstanding or you had too much fun at a recent guys' night out. Whatever the reason, the situation can become even more challenging to navigate when you're arrested out of state. Understanding the crucial steps in such a scenario is essential to protect your rights, minimize legal consequences, and ensure a smoother process. In this comprehensive guide, we explore what to do if you are arrested in an unfamiliar jurisdiction.