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  • Gourmia FoodStation Is The Perfect Option For Gourmet Tailgates And Mancaves

    I'm a sucker for foodie gadgets and so I have a few different air fryers laying around the house but what I'd resisted until now was a smokeless grill. To be honestly I didn't think the could actually work well nor could they match the promise of being "smokeless" - truthfully - neither was this one but it was good enough to earn a permanent spot our collection of food gadgets and I've already bought one for a friend.

  • Picking The Right Cup Is The Essential First Step Towards Proper Hydration

    I'm a devoted evangelist for the Owala Freesip cup but I find not that the reason there are so many different varieties out there is because there are a lot of different folks drinking their favorite beverages in a lot of different ways. That's why I was excited when Trove Brands decided to send us some water bottles and cups to check out from Owala as well as Blender Bottle and they also included their EcoBrite cleaning tablets so we can keep things clean!

  • Airthings View Plus Review - The Most Comprehensive Indoor Air Quality Monitor We've Ever Tested

    Like most of you, I'm on a mission to improve my quality of life - that means paying attention to self care and personal health but the environment around you is just as important. Enter the Airthings View Plus. This air quality monitor tracks radon, PM 2.5, CO2, temperature, and VOCs. It's easy to install and syncs with your smart home system and the Airthings app can keep tabs on trends and get tips for healthier indoor air. What I like about it most is that it is by far the most "complete" indoor air quality monitor that we've tested this year.

  • YA-Man Heated Electric Men's Shaver Review

    The YA-MAN Heated Electric Men's Shaver, is a game-changer in grooming technology that so far has been a secret that the Japanese were happy to keep to themselves. Picture a near perfect rotary shaver that does the technical side flawlessly... now add a heated function that offers a barbershop like luxury experience and you get the idea. Is it perfect - no - but the added element to head the head adds a new level of luxury that I think all men will begin to expect to be included in high-end electric razors soon.

  • With Soundboks Powering My Halloween Display The Sound Is Spooky Good

    I've tested more than my share of Bluetooth speakers over the years of various sizes from pocket-sized portable units to shelf speakers designed to fill a room with high-quality audio. However, I've never experienced something quite like Soundboks. It has excellent sound quality with big bass and good fidelity at the high notes but it is also somehow surprisingly light and wireless. While this makes it perfect for backyard BBQs and tailgates... it also works great for Halloween displays and Christmas decorations after that!

  • Bamboo Toilet Paper, Bidets and More Ways That Men Can Make Pooping More Eco Friendly

    When we look at the topic of conservation and preserving the clean air and water that we enjoy for our recreational activities, the conversation normally turns to lightbulbs and EV cars. However, like so much else in live, there are so many other big as well as small ways to make an impact. In fact, this topic was proposed to me by a PR person after joking around about a product that she was repping but it makes sense... we generate a lot of waste every time we use the toilet and let's face it, we all poop. 

  • Drinkmate OmniFizz Proves That Just Because You Can Carbonate Any Liquid, It Doesn't Mean You Should!

    You've probably heard of Soda Stream... for the past few years it's been the rage of suburban housewives and kids who refuse to drink plain ole' water but love pop. Well I'm not sure what happened recently but it seems like there are a ton of competitors fighting it out on the market all of a sudden. Well, compared to Drinkmate OmniFizz, Soda Stream just feels old and tired. We've run our Drinkmate through the paces over the past few months and added bubbles to everything from whiskey to cold brew coffee but we settled on a simple classic sparkling lemon water as a practical favorite.

  • Packtalk Edgephones Enable Seamless Off Road Communication For Riders, Drivers and Spotters

    It's honestly been a while since I've had some time to get dusty on the trails but I'm hoping to break that streak soon now that things are getting more stable and the weather is starting to cool off again. Plus, now that I'll be in Michigan - I have a whole bunch of new trails to explore. One thing though that remains the same, whether I'm cruising through sandy washes in 120 degree heat or ice crusted forest trails in Michigan - being able to communicate with the other folks in your pack makes things more fun and far safer too. While mobile phones are good on highways, on the trails they don't always work and that's where Cardo Systems comes in with their Packtalk Edgephones ORV.

  • Now On Kickstarter: The Klydoclock Changes How We Look at Time

    Klydo, a visionary tech startup, has released the fun and revolutionary Klydoclock, a groundbreaking amalgamation of digital animation and timekeeping that is reshaping the way we perceive both the fourth dimension and our personal spaces. With a resounding launch on Kickstarter, the Klydoclock surged to prominence, raising more than $200,000 within a mere 20 minutes, a testament to its innovative fusion of technology and artistic expression.

  • The INKBIRDPLUS Vacuum Sealer Is The Perfect Helper For Weekend Guys Trip Meal Planning

    Meal planning is an important part of any guys trip - you have multiple guys with multiple different preferences for meats - and there’s always that one guy that is vegetarian or only does keto. In the past, we’ve just planned to stop at a grocery store once we were on site wherever that might be but if you are doing just a quick weekend guys trip - for instance to a lake house or hunting cabin - it’s way easier to go shopping before you leave. In the past that’s meant throwing piles of packaged meats and veggies into the cooler and there’s probably been leftovers that go to waste. Now though, with the INKBIRDPLUS vacuum sealer, you can plan those meals ahead of time and package exactly what you need for each guy.

  • TRANYA Nova Hybrid ANC Wireless Earbuds

    Tranya is one of our favorite mid-priced wireless earbud companies and they may have found a perfect balance here with their new Nova ANC earbuds since they are priced at an affordable (sub $100) price but deliver some big features and excellent audio quality... especially for the price point. That's why I passed them on to Jim to use while he was in the hospital and see how they'd work in a fairly unique situation where I'm sure they were never originally designed to perform.

  • With IQAir's HealthPro Plus My Home Has Medical-Grade Air Quality

    For the first few months of my time living in Toledo, taking care of my Father-in-Law, the focus at home was on my wife and I's comfort but now that Jim is out of the hospital and living at home again, Heather and I have been working to make his home environment as safe and easy for him to both live... as well as ultimately become independent again. As someone who has COPD, is on medical oxygen, and suffers from allergies - his indoor air quality was one of our biggest concerns. Thankfully the folks at IQAir provided one of their HealthPro Plus air purifiers to us so we can help him breathe easier.

  • Breeo Y Series Portable Fire Pit Is Perfect For Family Gatherings, Tailgating, and Camping

    For many years I had a big aluminum tub that I lugged to the beach in San Diego to use as a makeshift fire pit. It worked... not well... but it worked and it fit in the back of my car so that was all I needed. Now though, I have a Breeo Y Series portable grill that is pretty much perfect in terms of being portable and multi-talented. Last night we used it to celebrate my father-in-law's continued improvement in health by setting it up in his front yard so he could watch as Heather and I roasted marshmallows and ate some s'mores. We of course gave him some as well. Afterwards, we just let it cool and picked it up by the hand to take it back into the garage.

  • The INKBIRD IAM-T1 Smart Air Quality Monitor Is Helping Me Breathe Easier

    Indoor air quality isn’t something we usually think about but this year I’ve been living in my father-in-law’s house and working to get it healthier for his ultimate return from spending several months in the hospital due to pneumonia and associated breathing issues from COPD. Unfortunately his house is older and windows have been painted shut over the years. While we can install air filters to remove particulate matter, one challenge we had was simply understanding the actual air quality in his house - and specifically CO₂, that we were facing. With the INKBIRD IAM-T1 Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor, we’ve been able to discover some surprising things about the house that we didn’t expect.

  • MeatStick 4X Takes Wireless Grilling Thermometers To The Next Level

    We've taken a look at the original MeatStick previously and were quite impressed. The brand is locked in a head to head battle with Meater but MeatStick appears to focus more on innovation while it's competitor is more focused on simply doing one thing and doing it well. The right choice ultimately depends on your needs and what type of grilling you're doing. However, the fact that MeatStick managed to put four different temperature zones in one wiress meat probe is a pretty freaking cool accomplishment!

  • The Yaber K2s Video Projector Is Your Answer To Outdoor Movies This Summer And Big Screen Entertainment Indoors All Year Long

    The Yaber K2s projector is a top-quality device that offers an exceptional audiovisual experience. It features superior audio with Dolby Audio technology and dual 10W JBL stereo speakers, providing immersive sound that elevates movie nights, gaming sessions, and presentations. Men would love this projector in their mancaves because it creates a dynamic atmosphere for watching movies, sports events, or playing video games. However, with it's compact size and easy setup, the K2s makes an excellent model for bringing outdoors to project against a screen in your back yard after those summer BBQs

  • How Bad Is The Air In Your Home? Sensibo Elements Indoor Quality Monitor Can Tell You!

    For the past decade while living in California, I knew my indoor air quality was bad since we never closed our windows and that meant dust and soot came in... but was never going to leave. We used everything from duct taping filters to window fans to professional air purifiers to try to pull stuff out of the air where we could. That worked somewhat but I have really no idea how bad the situation actually was or what the ultimate impact of our efforts was... aside from being "better" based on the particles we collected.

    Now that I'm living in a house with a central AC system though I'm actually more concerned since large particles (easily collected by the intake filter on our AC system) are taken care of - but smaller ones that you don't notice are almost certainly in the air. That's why I was excited to test out the Sensibo Elements Indoor Air Quality Monitor that the company sent over.

  • The INKBIRD IBT-26S 5GHz Wifi Meat Thermometer Is Your Secret To Being King Of The Grill This Summer

    Cooking the perfect steak or burger isn't easy. You need to get the temperature just right, and that can be a challenge. That's why I'm excited to review the INKBIRD IBT-26S 5GHz WiFi Meat Thermometer. 

  • Why Private Internet Access Is The Only VPN I Trust To Protect My Data

    As a self-taught cybersecurity expert who has been active in the space for more than 30 years, I cannot stress the importance of using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) enough when accessing the internet, especially when using public Wi-Fi networks while traveling. VPNs use encryption technology to create a secure connection to the internet, protecting your online activities from prying eyes, hackers, and other cyber threats.

  • Puro Sound Labs PuroPro Noise Canceling Headphones

    I'm very impressed with the new headphones that arrived this week. While normally I prefer high-end brands, these guys piqued my interest because of the story behind the company and their dedication to producing great products at an excellent price point. That's frankly something we don't see much these days and when we do - I'm happy to support it!