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Men's style and fashion reviews, trends and advice
  • Beyond Just Prostate Health Benefits Of Flax Seeds For Men

    Flax seeds have long been hailed as a superfood, offering an impressive array of health benefits for men. While their positive effects on prostate health often steal the spotlight, this tiny seed goes above and beyond in improving various aspects of male well-being.

  • What Guys Need To Know About Men's Sexual Health Beyond Just Performance Issues

    All too often, when men talk about sexual health it centers around performance issues like ED or PE. While these are clearly important elements of a man's sexual health - it isn't the only thing to consider. In fact, even those two things are often impacted by a complex combination of lifestyle and general health issues that you can work to improve right now - instead of merely treating the end result with creams, pills, or surgery.  It turns out that there are a lot of other aspects to consider when it comes to your overall sexual well-being and satisfaction. In this article, we'll discuss why these things matter and how you can stay on top of them for improved sex life in the long run.

  • Trying Something New In Bed Might Be The Key To A Happy Marriage

    For most of my adult life, the concept of sex toys was something that snickered about and where many men looked at women using them as proof that they weren't able to handle her needs. That's just not the case for most couples and in fact trying something new can be an exciting opportunity to improve communication, share a special moment together, and who knows... maybe even find out you've opened a new door that both of you can enjoy in the future as well. The first step however is reaching out to your partner and creating a conversation about the idea of introducing sex toys into your relationship. 

  • Arcwave Ion Review: A Breath of Fresh Air For Male Sex Toys

    The world of sex toys is literally exploding right now with new technological innovations chasing after the reality that whoever creates a device that actually beats your hand will become incredibly successful. There are a lot of cool ideas and even more bizarre ideas out there but this latest product from the same company who brought us the world-famous Womanizer series of female sex toys promises to deliver a similar experience for men. In fact, the technology promises to deliver a male release comparable to what a, “female orgasmm feels like.” Let’s take a look at how the technology works.

  • Prostate Cancer In Young Men Is A Health Concern Too

    For many people, the discussion of prostate health and in particular prostate cancer is something that is typically the domain of older men. However, young men get prostate cancer too. This is an important thing for men of all ages to understand since symptoms and screenings for prostate cancer are generally not aimed at helping men as young as 20 who can get it too.

  • Pycnogenol® Why Should Men Like You Care?

    Every day it seems like there’s a new supplement being presented as the cure-all ingredient to help improve men’s health. While many of them lack the scientific research to support their claims beyond anecdotal findings— some stand out. That’s the case for Pycnogenol®. I first learned about the ingredient when the company contacted me last year sharing the ingredient’s overall benefits for men’s health including cardiovascular, mental, and prostate support. Now there is some exciting new research showing Pycnogenol®’s benefits for strengthening erectile function in men.

  • We Talked with Bill Engvall About Prostate Health and Mancations

    The prostate is well, a sensitive area that most men don't want to talk about. However, it is a critical part of our body and so it's important to both get it checked as well as work to keep it healthy and operating correctly. That's why I like to support men's health efforts to raise awareness and create a conversation around it. Apparently so does Bill Engvall, so we got the opportunity to chat about why this is important to him recently.

  • LELO F1s Developer's Kit Red Review

    While we men generally have it good when it comes to most things in life. One area where we have historically lagged is with toys designed for our sexual pleasure. For the most part, our hands work pretty well and that’s been good enough for most of us. Plus, most guys don’t talk about masturbating or ask other guys for advice and recommendations the way women do. Luckily, LELO - one of the top designers of sex toys has chosen to invest in some serious research and deliver the ultimate male sex toy for us to try.

  • VitaFLUX Review - An ED Supplement That Can Be Used Along Side Medicines

    When it comes to men’s health issues, there is one area that, to many, is still deemed taboo. Masculinity is often defined by virility and the strength of our erections. It's part of art and culture since pre-history and modern men (and women) will continue this tradition despite what media and well-meaning individuals might try to suggest. VitaFLUX is a new solution that is FDA approved and the makers say can be used alongside other medicines designed to treat erectile dysfunction.

  • What's It Like Owning a Shop Specializing In Sex Toys For Men?

    There are a lot of great men out there developing interesting new business ideas and to many, working in the "sex industry" seems like a dream. For Daniel Becker though it was something that he arived at by leveraging traditional e-commerce expertise and simply following the money. Don't worry though, this isn't just some seedy strip club or video studio - Daniel created a store focused specifically on the male customer and helping them connect with various items specifically designed for the male customer. We think that's pretty cool so let's learn more about how and why he created The Enhanced Male!

  • Trouble Making a Baby? Men Are Part Of the Fertility Equation Too

    It comes to that point in life, where we think about settling down with our significant other and talk about having children. But, while problems getting pregnant are usually attributed to the woman in the relationship, the fact is, men have their part to play too. So if you have been trying with your partner to get pregnant, and it's not been happening, is it actually down to you?

  • How To Overcome Sexual Health Issues With Sex Toys instead of Pills

    This article is going to get a lot of raised eyebrows I'm sure. The genesis of this idea started from a conversation I had a few months ago with the folks at Perfect Fit. While they are primarily a store to sell toys for fun and pleasure - we both wanted to encourage guys to be more healthy, active, and happy without resorting to pills, creams, etc. For too many guys, there are sensitive topics that have attracted companies promising to solve everything from ED to PE or even make your equipment longer. There's a stigma about these men's health issues and so it can be difficult to discuss them compared to the simplicity of ordering some snake oil online and hoping for the best. That being said though, here are some ideas on how sex toys can help overcome some of the most common sexual health problems that men face.

  • Don't Let a Bad Back Get In The Way of Intimacy

    When it comes time for bed, every man dreads their lover telling them she ‘has a headache’. It may be a cliche, but we’ve all heard it at some stage. Instantly, the mood comes crashing down, and you know you’ll sleep unsatisfied for that night at least.

  • Premature Ejaculation Myths and Treatments to Help Overcome PE

    Premature ejaculation or PE is the number one most common men's sexual health problem. Let's face it - we've all gotten a bit overexcited and couldn't control ourselves. It's not fun, it can be awkward, and sometimes a bit messy. One of the challenges that we face as men is that because so much of our "male image" is tied up in sexual prowess, that failure to perform is something often shrouded in mystery, myth, and bravado. Let's take a look at a few of these myths as well as some treatments that will actually work to help you last longer.