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  • Why Every Man Needs A Tactical Pen: More Than Just Self-Defense

    When it comes to gadgets, I love them as much as the next guy and all too often they end up being too complicated, too breakable, and ultimately more of a gimmick than anything actually practical. On the other hand there's a relatively new category of tactical gear called a "tactical pen". I hadn't ever heard of this until I got a pitch from former CIA officer and New York Times best-selling author of Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life, Jason Hanson. This guy has now released what might be the ultimate self-defense tool that can be taken anywhere and yet is deceptively effective when used properly.

  • The Power You Need for Spring Camping at BLUETTI Spring Sale

    Spring has sprung, and so have the offers on portable solar generators at the BLUETTI Spring Sale 2023, which is going on now! Spring is the time to get out and enjoy the outdoors. There's no better time to stock up on the must-haves for spring camping, hiking, picnicking, and more.

  • UAG Is The Only Brand I Trust To Protect My New Galaxy S23 Ultra

    This isn't hyperbole and aside from the obvious fact that the folks at UAG have been gracious enough to send me a few of their latest and greatest cases designed for the Samsung S23 Ultra, this post isn't sponsored in the least. Simply put, for the last several generations of phones, Urban Armor Gear - or UAG - is the only company that I trust to protect my mobile phones.

  • Tranya X5 Wireless Earbuds Review - Good Sound At An Affordable Price

    Tranya has launched a new pair of wireless earbuds in the style that wraps around your ear so that it is a bit more stable vs the more discrete in-ear style that personally... I'm always afraid of losing. This new Tranya X5 offers a good balance of affordable pricing and good quality audio with lower latency that makes it a good choice for anyone who is a fan of mobile gaming as well as those who sue wireless earbuds to connect to their laptop.

  • The SSL CONNEX: Premium USB Microphone Is A Great Product That Falls Short For Me

    When the folks at Solid State Logic reached out to me to review their new microphone I was completely excited. I need a good microphone, the one integrated into my webcam has been "good enough" but over the past few years I've become disatistifed with it's quality for anything more than basic Zoom chats. However, the fancier mics that I've tried tend to be bulky and visually become part of any video that I'm doing while all I want them to do is help make my audio better.

    The SSL CONNEX on the other hand looks just like those table top models that I was used to using in conference rooms but is designed to connect directly to your PC by USB. A Perfect match made in heaven? We'll see...

  • Wacom Intuos Pro: For Photography Enthusiasts Looking To Take Their Craft To A New Level

    For nearly 40 years, Wacom has been a leader in digital pen technology. Their latest offering, the Wacom Intuos Pro, is a must-have for any photography enthusiast looking to take their work to the next level. The Intuos Pro comes with the Wacom Pen 4K, which offers unparalleled precision and control when editing photos.

  • BLUETTI Is Ready to Ignite A Romantic Valentine’s Day

    They say that when you are in love, that sparks will fly. While we hope that doesn't happen with your gear from BLUETTI, certainly I can think of some uses for bringing a portable power station on a romantic getaway to some remote part of the world where you can be the only two people enjoying the sunset on top of a mountain while still being able to "Netflix and Chill" as the kids say!

  • City Bonfires Is A Perfect Smores Solution When You Can't Build A Campfire

    Smores are delicious. Unfortunately, to do them right you really need a live flame and that can be dangerous. During the summer and fall, while hanging out in the backyard or camping outdoors a fire is easy to accommodate for most folks but what about in winter? in the rain? and for folks like myself who live in an apartment? Well... unfortunately, we're usually left out of the fun. City Bonfires though has introduced a solution and we're very impressed by what they've created.

  • BLUETTI Announces New Year Deals and "Hero" Recruitment For Documentary

    BLUETTI, a favorite solar generator brand that we love to support here, is celebrating the start of a new year with a promotion they call, “The Sun Shines Wherever You Go.” This is a celebration of the introduction of new new portable solar panel products, the PV68 and PV420, and will run from January 10th to 25th, 2023. Additionally, as they are looking for some great stories and examples from their customer base to showcase how their products are being used. The best of those stories will be featured in a series of documentaries the brand is calling, “BLUETTI Heroes”.

  • DreameBot L10s Ultra Is The Perfect Gift For Guys That Hate Chores

    There's a weird double standard that younger men don't quite get and far too many of us learned the hard way. Simply put, despite how cool a gadget is... never buy your female friends or family members something related to cleaning the house. On the other hand, pretty much every gadget-loving guy that I know would be thrilled to unwrap a robot like this. The DreameBot L10s Ultra functions as a vacuum and as a mop and even features auto-emptying as well as self-cleaning functions. 

  • This ORFELD Stick Vacuum Is Your Multi-Purpose Floor Cleaning Tool

    This is the time of year when messy floors seem to show up only moments after cleaning. Whether it is dirt tracked in from outside, pet visitors who unexpectedly shed all over your couch, or that extra cinnamon you intended to add as a light dusting that now is spilled all over the floor... you need something prepared to help you clean those messes. The ORFELD Stick Vacuum is up to that task!

  • These Solar Powered Outdoor Speakers Are Perfect For Outdoor Entertaining

    While the weather might be getting colder and those of you in northern climates are probably looking at a snow-covered backyard instead of one with crisp green grass, that doesn't mean the time is over for outdoor entertaining. In fact, with these Bluetooth outdoor speakers from iLive it is pretty much ready to go whenever you are because they are both waterproof and solar powered.

  • ODBeleven Makes A Great Gift For A Greasemonkey

    Every occasion challenges us to find the best gift idea for our relatives, and friends.  Finding a good gift for men is even more challenging. What to speak about car lovers since we have so many stereotypes about them in our heads.  And of course, there is no one ideal solution for all but if you’re thinking about something useful – you should think about gadgets that should be in every car.

  • Black Friday Sneak Peak - BLUETTI Unveils Doorbusters and Giveaways

    It's that time of year again, the annual festival of justifying the purchase of cool tech toys and items under the guise of gifts for family, friends, and sometimes for yourself too! We don't judge but we know that you'll want to know about these Black Friday deals and promotions from solar power station company, BLUETTI!

  • Powerboost Pro+ Is The Big Daddy Of Percussion Massagers

    For the most part, most percussion massagers on the market are the same today. The biggest differences tend to be in the style of the massage gun and that comes down to personal preference. While a few (including this one) offer unique attachments to improve their massage performance, they all pretty much do the same thing - pound your muscles into submission. The Powerboost Pro+ by Sharper Image though is different. While it has everything that I mentioned previously, it also comes with Hot and Cold massage heads that are capable of delivering an additional level of therapy to your sore muscles.

  • Powerboost Move Percussion Massager Is A Great Traveling Companion

    Percussion massagers are all the rage right now because of their ability to provide strong, deep tissue massages but most are too bulky to travel with. They are also too loud and frankly most are also too powerful for all but the most severe situations. That's where Sharper Image's Powerboost Move deep tissue travel percussion massager comes in... and we dig it!

  • Mobile Pixel DUEX Plus Gives Road Warriors A Second Screen

    I just came back from three weeks on the road and it was the first time where I left my big heavy laptop behind. Despite having a fantastic ultra-portable 13" Dynabook designed for travel, that has been my wife's laptop while I relied on my ancient "mobile desktop". The folks at Mobile Pixels offered to help me change that and make my backpack that much lighter and less complicated to pack for a long trip.

  • Gear That Will Turn Your Camping Trip Into A Epic Glamping Adventure

    If you're like me, the idea of roughing it in the great outdoors doesn't appeal to you. I'd much rather enjoy a camping trip with some of the creature comforts of home. If that's your style too, then you'll love glamping! Glamping is short for "glamorous camping," and it's just what it sounds like: camping with all the amenities. In this blog post, we'll discuss five ways to turn your next camping trip into a glamping adventure!

  • BLUETTI Has Some Electrifying Father's Day Gift Ideas For Dad

    If your dad is anything like most dads, he has probably already told you he doesn’t want a fuss made for them on this upcoming Father’s Day. However, we still think he’ll be surprised with a gift in their need.

  • Tranya T40 Wireless Earbuds Are A Great Choice For Active Guys

    Looking for a great pair of wireless earbuds that won't break the bank and more importantly won't fall out of your ear while working out? Check out the new Tranya T40 earbuds. These earbuds feature some of the latest technology, including Bluetooth 5.1, and a 4-mic design for great call quality... all at a mid-market price point. We tested these earbuds out and were very impressed with their sound quality and features. If you're looking for a great pair of wireless earbuds, be sure to check out the Tranya T40!