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  • Nokia T21 Review: A Budget Priced Tablet That Is Everything Most Men Need

    I remember the days... the good ole' days when Nokia ruled the world and brands like Samsung, Apple, and Huawei were not even something we thought about when it came to mobile phone technology. It's amazing to think that those infuriating days of T9 texing on a Nokia 6310 was 20 years ago. Somehow, the Nokia brand refuses to die, and despite being lost in the wilderness while owned by Microsoft... Nokia is back, and it is now owned by a Finnish company dedicated to bringing back the stuff that makes me still fondly recall the brand... two decades later.

  • How Do Slot Machines Decide Who Wins: The Probability or Not?

    The basis of playing slots is pretty simple. You spin a wheel, and slot machines randomly pick a sequence of symbols that will appear on the display. The amount you win is determined by the combination of symbols you land on and the machine's pay table. If the symbols fall into a winning pattern, you are paid.

  • Beyond Just Security - Why Every Traveler Needs To Use A Trustworthy VPN Service

    Ever been on the move and desperately needed to connect to the internet? Public Wi-Fi seems like a lifesaver, right? But hold your horses! Unsecured internet access during your travels can be risky. It's like leaving your front door wide open with a sign saying 'Welcome' to all online threats. Thankfully, many VPNs are here for your rescue. Be it Surfshark, ExpressVPN, Nord VPN, or Private Internet Access, these VPN providers offer you private internet access by encrypting your data and shielding it from prying eyes. Say goodbye to risks and hello to secure internet use. Let's dive into how a virtual private network can be your knight in shining armor for more than just online security while traveling.

  • How Bad Is The Air In Your Home? Sensibo Elements Indoor Quality Monitor Can Tell You!

    For the past decade while living in California, I knew my indoor air quality was bad since we never closed our windows and that meant dust and soot came in... but was never going to leave. We used everything from duct taping filters to window fans to professional air purifiers to try to pull stuff out of the air where we could. That worked somewhat but I have really no idea how bad the situation actually was or what the ultimate impact of our efforts was... aside from being "better" based on the particles we collected.

    Now that I'm living in a house with a central AC system though I'm actually more concerned since large particles (easily collected by the intake filter on our AC system) are taken care of - but smaller ones that you don't notice are almost certainly in the air. That's why I was excited to test out the Sensibo Elements Indoor Air Quality Monitor that the company sent over.

  • A Good Battery Backup Can Save Lives: BLUETTI EB3A Review

    We've been fans of BLUETTI power stations for a couple of years now, but what most of you don't understand is that it goes deeper than simply the fact that I enjoy working with the team there as they are focused both on innovative technology but also developing products that help make lives better. I'm also an active user of their technology and about a year ago they also provided my father in lawn with one of their EB3A power stations to help him main his ability to use his CPAP machine despite an extended power outage due to a winter storm.

  • Mobile Pixel DUEX Plus Gives Road Warriors A Second Screen

    I just came back from three weeks on the road and it was the first time where I left my big heavy laptop behind. Despite having a fantastic ultra-portable 13" Dynabook designed for travel, that has been my wife's laptop while I relied on my ancient "mobile desktop". The folks at Mobile Pixels offered to help me change that and make my backpack that much lighter and less complicated to pack for a long trip.

  • Father's Day Tech Gifts

    Father’s Day is this weekend and so it’s time to check out some of our favorite tech gifts for dad! From ear buds to robot bartenders, we’ve got something for every dad.

  • The Top 5 Technology Trends to Watch For In 2022 and Beyond

    It's hard to believe that we're already more than halfway through February and that the year is already flying by. But with a new year comes new opportunities, and in the tech world, there are plenty of exciting things on the horizon. Here are our top 5 technology trends to watch for in 2022 and beyond!

  • These Five Robots Are Here To Help Make Your Time At Home Easier

    Ever since I was a kid watching The Jetsons on TV I dreamed of having a robot maid to clean, cook, and generally do whatever was needed. We're still a few years away from that unfortunately but we're getting much closer to having robots able to help with specific tasks around the house and that's pretty awesome. From vacuums to gutters to security drones I feel like we're on the cusp of some pretty cool stuff coming down the pipe. Don't worry though, the future is here now! These are a few of our favorite household robots that are available right now or will be in just a few months!

  • Intelli POWERHUB "Charge Anything" Desktop Power Station

    Wireless charging stations have finally hit the mainstream but what most folks don't consider is that they are far from all being the same. Wattage and Amps are as essential to consider as good old fashioned visual design. While some thrive on chic looks and flashing lights, Intelli has chosen to simply pack as much functionality into the unit as they possibly can. Let's take a look...

  • 360 G300H Dash Cam Review

    We had a chance to check out the 360 G300H dashcam featuring good wide-angle and night vision features as well as being able to easily connect to mobile phones. Let's take a look.

  • Roborock H6 Review - A Vacuum That Even Men Will Enjoy Using

    Conventional wisdom suggests that domestic gadgets such as vacuums should be targeted at women but things are changing and products such as vacuums are turning into tech gadgets. Frankly regardless of how much technology can be found on appliances around the home, us men should be just as involved as our partners in keeping things clean and tidy. We had a chance to test out the Roborock H6 Cordless Stick Vacuum and during our review, we were quite impressed.

  • Ford Explorer Police Interceptor Brings The Heat to Kill COVID

    At this point, most of us realize just how hard it is to sanitize all the surfaces of your house and car. No matter how well you scrub, getting every piece clean is near impossible with spray and wipes. Plus that just takes a ton of time so Ford developed a solution. They have designed a new heated software enhancement to pilot with its Police Interceptor Utility – one that law enforcement agencies across the country can utilize to help reduce the footprint of the COVID-19 virus.

  • Using a SSD Drive To Breath New Life Into an Old PC

    Years ago I was purchasing a new PC every two to three years. Issues such as hard drive wear and tear as well as speed were never an issue. Today though, I rarely use my desktop for high-end 3D games since Lenovo sent a great laptop that takes care of that for me. However, my now 8 year old desktop (designed for Windows 7 but running Windows 10) is slow booting, slow a memory caching, and generally I'm concerned about the hard drives ultimately failing. Both of my laptops use SSDs for the primary system drive and so I thought... maybe that's a way to extend the life of my desktop too. The folks at Kingston were interested in the results too and so they sent me their UV 500 SSD to try out.

  • How To Compress Video and Optimize for Mobile Use

    This weekend I took some video of the wild flowers in bloom out in the desert and the video files are absolutely huge. While I keep some video file to be used later as stock, other files I just keep for memories. In those situations, I don't need a full 4K version with huge file sizes. Instead, I simply need a version that is portable and mobile friendly to share with friends. Here's how you can take those files and make them smaller so they are more mobile friendly.

  • Now When I Lose My Wallet, Tile Finds It Quick

    Last fall I lost my wallet. I took it out at Home Depot's self-checkout and didn't notice it till I tried to buy my groceries an hour later. The embarrassment of ringing up more than a $100 worth of food with people waiting in back of you only to realize you have no money is something I'll remember for a long while. It's not that I didn't have money it was simply I had no wallet. Immediately I feared that it had fallen out in the parking lot and was likely long gone. Luckily the folks at Home Depot were amazing and kept it safe. However, since then I've been using Tile to keep tabs on my wallet as well as my camera bag.

  • Bigger and Better In Texas - BBQ, Trucks, and The Pixel 2 XL

    A few weeks ago, our friends at Chevrolet invited us down to Texas to drive some trucks and eat BBQ. A day later, Verizon asked me if I wanted to check out the Pixel 2 on an upcoming trip. This was a match made in heaven, since even though Chevy always offers their built-in wifi, it's nice to have a great phone connection wherever you go too. Plus, the Pixel 2 XL has one of the best cameras out there so I was excited to check it out. Let's take a look at what we experienced.

  • What To Look For When Selecting a Phone Case

    There once was a time when I looked at cell phone cases simply as something "other people" bought... I didn't need a case, I'm always careful with my phone. Right? Wrong... The reality is that phones today are super fragile and at the same time exposed to all sorts of different dangers from accidental drops to being scratched against keys in your pocket or backpack. That's why it's important to select the right case and not all are created equal!

  • Introducing the AirFree Iris 3000 Air Purifier

    With winter over and spring descending on the country, it's time to clean the home as well suffer from allergies, dust, and other pollutants from outside. Luckily, the folks at AirFree sent us their new Iris 3000 Air Purifier to help sanitize the air and destroy some of those particles that make you sick like pollens and dust mites. They sent it to us a few weeks ago and we've been testing it out since then, here's what we learned during our review.

  • Cat S41 Phone Review - Purpose Built For a Rugged Lifestyle

    As someone who does a lot of outdoor activities such as riding in UTVs, fishing, and exploring off road trails one of my greatest fears is breaking my phone. Luckily, over the past few years mobile phones and case companies have stepped up to make phones that are far more resilient than they once were. But there's one thing that touch screens will NEVER be able to do well - work with gloves on. That's why I was so excited to check out the Cat S41 phone that they sent me to review. Make no mistake, this isn't your everyday phone for taking to dinner for some food pics - this is the phone you'll take on a hunting trip where you don't want to freak out if it drops in the mud or falls off a tree stand.