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essential camping items that you shouldn't forget

Camping essentials like a sleeping bag, tent, and a cooler with drinks and food, are usually on top of a camping checklist and aren't easy to forget. However, there are other camping essentials that are easy to forget but could make your camping more enjoyable.

Unlike other vacation destinations where you can replace a forgotten item from a nearby convenience store, most camping sites are isolated, making it hard to buy forgotten camping supplies. In this article, we have put together a list of often forgotten but crucial camping essentials. 


Although you are not likely to forget a flashlight or lantern on a camping trip, it's easy to forget to carry extra batteries to power them. It’s crucial to carry a couple of extra batteries just to be safe in case the lanterns go out. 

Wet And Flushable Wipes

Wet and flushable wipes are indispensable on a camping trip. There aren't many places you can wash your hands while camping, and it's important to carry wet wipes to clean your hands or any other area that gets dirty. Pack some DUDE wipes to stay clean while camping. 

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is another crucial item that enhances your hygiene while out there in nature. Without access to clean water, hand sanitizer is a convenient way to ensure your hands are clean when preparing meals. You can also use it to disinfect surfaces.

First Aid Kit

This is probably the most important item on this list that people tend to forget. It is essential to pack a basic first aid kit on a camping trip. You may only need it for a few scrapes and bumps at most, but it's crucial to be prepared for any injuries that may occur. You never know when an antiseptic, burn cream, or a bandage may prove useful while on a camping trip. 

Trash Bags

A trash bag is not something you actively use while camping, which makes it easy to forget. However, it's necessary to maintain a clean campsite and tent, and trash bags can be useful in that. 

An Extra Pair Of Shoes

It may seem like a brilliant packing hack to wear the same pair of shoes for an entire camping trip, but you may regret not packing a second pair, especially if your shoes get wet on a hike. In addition, it's advisable to have one pair of shoes that you wear around the campsite to avoid spreading dirt and mud around your tent area and another pair that you wear when going on a hike.

Water purification tablets

Water purification tablets are essential if you are going on a wild camping trip, where your most likely source of drinking water will be a river or stream. While there are many water purification gadgets, water purification tablets are the most convenient to carry on a camping trip. 


With so much gear to pack, it's easy to forget to pack a few crucial camping supplies. These are some of the crucial camping essentials that people often forget.