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7 Reasons to Wear Minimalist Watches

Watches, like ties and socks are one of those rare opportunities for guys to show off their style without being flashy. Well, OK ... watches can be flashy and ostentatious too, but generally this is a great opportunity for a guy to be subtle and make an impact only when it slides out of your sleeve and the metal and crystal glints in the sunlight for just a moment or two.

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I'm Staying Cool with My Wallaroo Palmer Hat!

I love hats but I never really appreciated them like I do during the summer in San Diego. Typically, I'm a baseball hat wearing guy, but recently I've decided to branch out and explore other styles as well. This is in part due to the simple fact that while a baseball cap might offer a nice brim to protect the front of your face, it doesn't provide much protection other than that and frankly it's not stylish outside of casual gatherings. That's why I was excited when Wallaroo Hats invited me to check out some of their product this summer and so I chose the Palmer due to it's ability to be folded and then pop right back up (very important for when you travel). Plus, it looks great and has a wide brim to protect from the sun.

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Step out of Your Comfort Zone and Trying Something New - it's Fun!

Part of the fun of fashion is making a statement and the other half is comfort (with a bit of simply feeling good because you look good!). While browsing the selection of shoes at PF Flyers I saw a ton of different options that looks great. There was a mixture of big bold designs as well as more classic looks.

As I browsed their collection, I began to think, "maybe I should step outside my comfort zone and try something new." After all, I have a bunch of shoes already and I've always been pretty conservative with my fashion choices. In highschool I literally would buy 2-3 pairs of the same shoes so that when one wore out I wouldn't have to switch and find something new. Totally lame, I know! Today though - thanks to my wife, I am a bit better - I just go from one pair of brown or black shoes to the next. However, it's time to try something new so I decided to throw caution to the wind and check out these Center Hi Mono shoes in Red.

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