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Aside from times when I need a full shoe - hiking, factory tours, formal dress occasions I usually wear flip flops. Here in San Diego that's pretty much a year-round footwear option and I like the casual easy to take on and off nature of it. In the winter however, it isn't the best option and that is especially true when it's cold and raining. So when Florsheim offered to send me a pair of their new Java "Nylon Moc Toe Slip On" shoes I was excited to check them out.

It takes women a long time to get ready. It’s not just because they are vain, it’s because they put in the effort to make themselves look their best. Frankly some of you guys can probably learn something from that perspective. Women take care of what they wear and how they feel, which is something that many men don’t do as much. When you look good on the outside, you feel good about yourself and your confidence skyrockets. If we want people to be more confident we need to start by making them feel better about how they look and that starts with making sure we take care of ourselves first before expecting others to do this for us or judging those who spend hours getting ready before going out at night. We all deserve beauty so let's give it!

This review of Loom Footwear's waterproof sneakers was a bit challenging because on one hand I REALLY liked the shoes, they were well made and super comfortable ... but as a size 13 guy with one foot a bit bigger than the other, well ... it just didn't fit right.  They did send a pair to my wife and her feet were a bit more narrow and so it fit better than than mine did.  The key to success here is for guys with big feet, order a size larger than you think you need.

There are some nifty ways to make the most of your available space and organize menswear wardrobe essentials. Getting older or leading an active social life means you need to dress the part on occasion. Events like weddings, birthdays, and religious holidays often mean dressing well. Yet even your job might require that look. 

As the men’s skin care world reacts to the demands of needing more and more male products, the number of options whilst you’re scrolling through your smartphone or walking down a drug store aisle can be overwhelming.