• Patagonia Guys Trip: Why Men Looking For Adventure Need To Plan A Visit

    If you're a guy with a thirst for adventure, Patagonia should be at the top of your list. This rugged, untamed region offers a wealth of experiences that will challenge your limits and leave you in awe of nature's raw power. From thrilling treks across glaciers to serene moments of solitude amidst breathtaking landscapes, there are countless reasons why Patagonia is the ultimate adventure destination. But what makes it particularly appealing? Let's discover the top five reasons that make Patagonia a must-visit for the modern adventurer.

  • Why Men Should Plan Their Next Guys Trip To Costa Rica

    With pristine beaches, lush rainforests, and diverse wildlife, Costa Rica offers the perfect escape for travellers seeking relaxation and excitement. Let’s explore some of the reasons this hidden gem is becoming so popular with adventure seekers.

  • 5 Exciting Outdoor Activities You Should Experience in Ecuador

    Most people do not automatically think of Ecuador when they consider visiting South America. However, Ecuador is a country worthy of touring, especially for its outdoor activities. 

  • Travel Risks Men Might Encounter

    Much attention is paid to the dangers that women face while traveling but men face danger too, especially when traveling alone in new places. These range from environmental dangers related to traveling in physically dangerous places to societal risks created by unscrupulous people looking to prey on naive American travelers. Let's take a look at some of these risks that men might encounter while traveling, as well as what you can do to avoid them.

  • Suinda Lodge and Parana River Argentina Fishing Expedition

    It's winter up here in the Northern Hemisphere but that doesn't mean you need to stop fishing! No, I'm not talking about an ice fishing expedition though that can be a cool idea. No, I'm talking about heading to the wild waters of South America where Our winter is their summer. Check out this awesome idea for a fishing expedition in Argentina from Frontiers International Travel!

  • Princess Cruises South America and Antarctica Cruise Itineraries

    I've traveled to a bunch of different destinations by cruise ship, but South America and Antarctica are at the top of my bucket list. Apparently, I'm not alone since tourism options continue to evolve and now Princess Cruises is offering Antarctica as a new cruise destination in their 2020-2021 program. This will allow guests to discover this region of the world with unique cruising opportunities. New for 2020-2021, guests will be offered the opportunity to see the Total Solar Eclipse off the coast of Argentina on Dec. 14, 2020 during the 15-day Cape Horn & Strait of Magellan itinerary on Coral Princess.