For many people, Indiana represents "flyover country" but that's their loss! This state has a ton of amazing travel opportunities from Indiana Dunes on the shores of Lake Michigan to the Indy Motor Speedway and some fantastic hiking, biking, and outdoor activities throughout Indiana.

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  • Fort Wayne Indiana Is A Great Guys Getaway Destination

    Fort Wayne is a relatively hidden gem when it comes to destinations for a guys getaway. It is in a fantastic location - less than a 3-hour road trip from Chicago, Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Indianapolis but it offers a diverse collection of activities and adventure for guys that love baseball, outdoor adventure, cars, trucks, and of course food, and craft beer. I've visited here a few times before to attend the Vera Bradley outlet sale and each time we visited I noticed "one more reason" to come back with a group of guys.

  • Exploring the Fort Wayne Firefighters Museum: A Journey Through History and Heroism

    There's no shortage of automotive museums around the country but I'm a total sucker for stuff that is unique and especially when it celebrates something masculine - like firefighters or military for instance. The Fort Wayne Firefighters Museum is celebrating 50 years in 2024 and it is one of the coolest places that I've had a chance to walk through in many years. From antique pumpers and steam powered firetrucks to learning about what life was like in the firestations that our fathers and grandfathers worked in... there's something for everyone here and it's right downtown in Fort Wayne, Indiana!

  • How To Find The Perfect Themed Hotel Rooms For Couples

    There are business hotels and then there are hotels with themed rooms designed for a /romantic-getaway. These are fun and exciting with a little bit of naughty thrown in for good measure. Especially in a time like this where you might desperately need an escape but aren't really wanting to go out and hang around with people, finding a themed hotel room near you might just be the perfect solution. The interesting thing is that while you might think this type of getaway would be only found in California, New York, or Las Vegas... the reality is that there are options all over the country, including states you might normally think of as being more conservative such as Illinois, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Ohio, and even Utah!