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  • 10 Tips To Be A Better Boyfriend

    Let’s park the masculine bravado for a minute. We ultimately all want to be in a loving relationship with the woman (or man) of our dreams. That means we need to be better men, a better boyfriend and indeed ultimately better husbands and fathers too. This isn't about just simply buying flowers for your special person, it's an ongoing commitment being the best boyfriend possible.

  • You Have A Man Cave - Is It Time To Build Her a She Shed?

    When I first presented this idea to some guy friends, they laughed. The response I got was, "why - she already has the whole house to be hers!" While that's true that generally your wife is in control of how things are organized, decorated, and even scented for most of your home - that doesn't mean it is truly a space for HER. Most women... especially those who work from home or are stay-at-home moms certainly don't look at the home as a place where she can relax and enjoy life. While she might organize the kitchen in a certain way... it's often simply so she can get her job done easier.

  • Fatherhood Post-Divorce: Being the Best You Means Keep Being A Great Dad

    Divorce is never easy. When there are children involved, divorce is especially hard because as a parent, the last thing you want to do is to separate your time from your children. You want to be able to see them everyday like you always have done, and you want to be able to sit with them and read their bedtime story like you always have done. Unfortunately, that's just not how it goes after a marriage has broken down.

  • Activities to Rekindle a Relationship Spark: 30+ Love Revivals For Date Night

    It’s hard to keep things fresh. Case in point: Some people have a natural inclination for adventure and constantly try new things in life. However, for most of us, we tend to settle into certain habits and routines. Unfortunately, with the complexities of personal relationship quandaries, sex, and dating in our current life, things are different and relationships, particularly romantic ones, are suffering. So, here are some ways to reignite that romantic spark and help break the quarantine blues in your relationship!

  • Ways That Self Care For Men Can Improve Our Romantic Relationships

    Men, it's time to debunk the myth that self-care is merely a feminine pursuit. Did you know that practicing self-care can significantly improve your love life? This article will provide practical and efficient ways for men to practice self-care, aiming to enrich their romantic relationships.

    Get ready - your journey towards enhanced romance through personal wellness starts here!

  • An Empty Nesters Guide To Preparing For Your Children To Leave Home

    The day your child leaves home is a bittersweet moment. You'll be excited to have more time and space, but you'll also miss the hugs and kisses from your little one. As an empty nesters couple, it's important for you to take some time off before they leave so that you can spend quality time with them on their last few days at home. It's also a good idea to set up any new routines in advance so that things are running smoothly once they're gone - this will make sure that they feel safe when they go back home. Here are 11 ways to prepare for your children leaving home.

  • Diamond Cuts and Shapes for a Truly Unique Engagement Ring

    For many men, engagement ring shopping was one of the most stressful as well as enlightening experiences of our adult lives. There are so many options that it is a bewildering task for a guy who has never before thought about purchasing jewelry. With youthful excitement and limited budgets though, many young men simply pick a ring and diamond that just "looks good" and is affordable. The second time around though, whether as a vow renewal or a new wedding, there is time to consider other options when it comes to diamond cuts so you can get her a truly unique engagement ring.

  • Funeral Planning Advice: What You Need To Know To Plan A Proper Funeral

    Planning a funeral is something that most folks want to avoid for as long as possible. However, putting together a funeral plan with your family and loved ones is actually one of the most important things that you can do. Nobody wants to talk about death and dying but this is your opportunity to share stories, hopes, dreams, and indeed your deepest thoughts on what lies beyond. Above anything else, having a funeral plan is a great way to take the burden off your family so they have one less thing to do while mourning your passing.

  • How To Find The Perfect Themed Hotel Rooms For Couples

    There are business hotels and then there are hotels with themed rooms designed for a romantic getaway. These are fun and exciting with a little bit of naughty thrown in for good measure. Especially in a time like this where you might desperately need an escape but aren't really wanting to go out and hang around with people, finding a themed hotel room near you might just be the perfect solution. The interesting thing is that while you might think this type of getaway would be only found in California, New York, or Las Vegas... the reality is that there are options all over the country, including states you might normally think of as being more conservative such as Illinois, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Ohio, and even Utah!

  • Adopting a Pet as a Single Parent: How To Make Sure You Get It Right

    Being a single parent is not an easy job, you need to manage stuff on your own, taking care of the kid is one thing but fulfilling their needs on time and managing your career and house simultaneously is very tough.

  • How to Apologize To Your Partner After a Big Fight

    All couples fight sometimes, and people that say they don’t are lying. If you’re going to spend your life with somebody, it’s only natural that you will clash from time to time. It’s a normal part of being in a relationship and if you know how to fight well and talk out your differences without getting too heated, it can actually improve your relationship in the future.

  • Gifting Ideas for Couples Who Want To Show Their Love

    Buying gifts for your partner can be difficult, so make it a little easier on yourself by getting in on the action too by buying her some couples gifts she’ll love. These items are also great for those other couples in your lives and will help you kill two lots of Christmas shopping with one metaphorical stone. 

  • Things to Look For If Your Marriage Is About To Fail

    A good husband should provide for his family. He must also make sure of his strong unity with his wife as well as the growth and development of his children. In fact, I remember during my pre-cana education classes where the leader told us that while kids are important - the bond between husband and wife is even more so. Without that strong relationship built and trust, understanding, and respect... ultimately nothing else matters.

  • Reasons To Use Marriage Records Searches Other Than Stalking

    Weddings generate a lot of stories that get passed down through generations. You may have grown up hearing the tale of your great uncle's shenanigans at the altar, and it has become a part of the family lore. The wedding itself, however, is not proof that a union is legally binding. For such proof, you need a marriage record.

  • Tips For Planning a Road Trip With Your Wife

    Going on a trip with your girlfriend sounds like plenty of fun. Well, perhaps not as exciting and wild as traveling with the boys but pretty good nevertheless. One thing about travel though is that it either strengthens relationship bonds or creates deep irreparable cracks.

  • Husband and Wife Communication Tips For a Successful Marriage

    Communication is tough. No matter who you're talking to or what context it's in, there's always the potential for crossed wires, misunderstandings, or just saying the wrong thing. Some of the most difficult communication to puzzle out is that between you and your romantic partner. Communicating as a couple can be so hard, especially if you both have different styles of communication. Poor communication can ruin a relationship if you're not careful, but you don't have to let it get that far. If you need to improve the communication in your relationship, take a look at the following ways to do it.

  • The Importance of Me Time To Keep a Marriage Strong

    Men and women generally have different perspectives on almost everything in life. It's natural and it's part of the joy of a relationship as you navigate experiences together using each other's special skills and experiences. However, to keep things fresh and fun it's essential to spend time apart as well. For some couples, this can be a challenge to negotiate since the natural reaction can be, "what? You want time away from me?... do you not love me?". This was and sometimes is the way Heather feels when I want to go and just do my own stuff. However, ultimately I think it's important for both of us to spend time as independent people since that only makes it more exciting when we come back together. Here's some ways you can carve out some me time - alone or with the guys, without having to feel like you are risking damage to your relationship.

  • Ways To Make Your Lady Feel Loved and Appreciated All Year Long

    Unfortunately, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day are just two days of the year. If you’re lucky enough to have a special woman in your life then it is important to not take her for granted. Not only does she work hard, but she deals with the kids and somehow gathers enough energy to cook dinner and keep your home clean. Not only that, she keeps her composure like a saint and in general is just the most amazing person that you know. It’s understandable that you want to show her how much you appreciate everything that she does and make her feel like a million dollars at every chance you get. So, here are some inventive ideas to show your woman how much you love and appreciate her all year long.

  • How To Win Back Your Ex-Girlfriend Or Wife

    Relationships are tricky and sometimes things don't work out. It might be "her fault" or yours, but if you think it's worth having another go at it then here are some tips to make it happen. Winning your girlfriend back or recovering from a marriage separation isn't easy and it will ultimately take time, but here's some tips to start the process.

  • Ways to Make Your Romantic Escape Last Longer

    Last week, I spent a few days exploring Idaho with my wife - Heather from ChickVacations. This adventure was a bit different than others we have taken since we traded hotel rooms for a campervan. Don't worry though, it was an awesome experience and like so many things in life - I didn't want it to get over too quickly.