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BLUETTI lighting an African Family

Africa has millions of people without access to power and this means that less ideal cooking solutions have to be implemented which causes a major hazard. Thousands of deaths occur because of wood-stove accidents and it can all be prevented if they simply had access to modern cooking appliances that are sustained by electricity. BLUETTI is a company working hard to uplift the lives of Africans with incredible ambitions. They are shedding light on the subject and are pioneers of the solar industry!

BLUETTI is one of our favorite tech companies and we love how they are able to provide great solutions for powering our RVs and hunting cabins but with this new program to give back to those in need.

bluetti solar panels

Devising Mobile Power Solutions For A Developing World

Recently, they have taken on an ambitious project that will seek to power up as many homes as possible by 2026. This is an astounding goal and they are working over time to help people and realize the full potential of energy throughout African homes.

They have great empathy for those suffering under less than ideal conditions without access to electricity. Many might not be able to fully understand this until you lose it yourself. It's definitely something that's taken for granted around the world, but there are solutions being implemented through hard-working heroes at BLUETTI. They are passionate about the field and are helping people realize the full potential of their homes while saving lives. The poverty of energy within Africa is keeping people poorer than they should be, and it's about time something is done!

In Africa there are currently more than 640 million people without access to reliable electricity. This is roughly 40% of the population, the lowest in the entire world. Per capita consumption of energy in sub-Saharan Africa per year is only 180 kWh compared to 14,000 kWh in the United States and 7,500 kWh in Europe.

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Enter Project Lighting An African Family!

The off-grid power industry is witnessing the rise of BLUETTI as one of the central contributors to improving the lives of many in Africa. Lighting An African Family or LAAF is a very ambitious project they seek to undertake over the course of the next 5 years until 2026 where they anticipate having over one million families powered up and ready to enjoy the perks of sustainable electricity. 

This will hopefully have a chain reaction and increase the potential overall for the entirety of Africa getting powered up even if they're in off-grid locations. At BLUETTI, they are devising solutions to help quickly power up any home for the foreseeable future. In September of 2021, they successfully powered up the first home with fantastic results and a memorable experience!


Off-grid Living Advice For Hunting Cabins And RVs

BLUETTI is also offering those who are off-grid or interested in achieving it the resources needed to thrive with sustainable power. Solar energy is something they develop well with a knack for the industry subtleties. They know how to give you the best advice for hunting cabins and RV living regarding stable electricity no matter where you are.

The sun is one of the most stable and continual energy sources to harness, and you need a good solar system to absorb it properly. BLUETTI specializes in giving you the right technology to make off-grid living more feasible and comfortable. There is a magical feeling to attaining electricity without any need of being connected to a grid. They have the right knowledge and insight to keep you thriving in even the most challenging off-grid environments.


Saving Lives By Providing Viable Solar Energy

BLUETTI is in the solar and off-grid living business, but they are a group with a heart for helping others first. The work they do is actually saving lives on a daily basis because it's reducing the overall risk of living without power. It's actually far more dangerous than many might realize, and the death toll is evidence for that. Many have died from carbon monoxide poisoning because of wood stoves and poor ventilation.

Accidents are more likely in the home when you don't have any power, and BLUETTI is seeking to change this one home at a time. They are dedicated to finding those who are in need and offering them the power to enjoy modern methods of cooking instead of relying on wood burning. They also are in the business of powering up the spirit of Africa overall to enhance safety and well-being.


BLUETTI Is Tapping Into The Energy Potential Of Africa

The energy potential of Africa is actually enormous, but only a small fraction of it is utilized. That being said, there is vast potential for growth and expansion to better the lives of others.

To BLUETTI, the state of power in Africa was simply unacceptable and something had to be done to change it. That is why they decided to go on a noble quest to power up as many people as possible in a short amount of time. They know that every single home with power is a step in the right direction, and there are many more to take up this spiraling staircase to success in Africa! They utilize their expert knowledge to make each project come to fruition with accuracy, precision, and safety!


Portable Power Stations And Solar Panels Work Well

Both their portable power stations and solar panels have been expertly crafted to ensure longevity and supreme functionality. The absorption rate of energy allows for ergonomic and viable living with modern appliances. Getting light in the home will no longer be a fire risk since many Africans will be able to use LED bulbs and anything else that makes the home much safer.

Energy success opens the door for many people of all backgrounds and there will be other new opportunities to help the country thrive moving forward. New jobs will be created as people in urban and rural areas are exposed to new work and better living conditions overall. Renewable energy potential here is staggering, yet not much has been done to expand it. That's where BLUETTI is stepping in to realize the dream of a better and safer future for all!