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It's Rum Time and I'm Celebrating by Raising a Glass to Some of History's Greatest Moments

It's Rum Time - Rums of Puerto Rico

I simply love spirits. Just the name inspires something amazing and the process to distill them has driven men to create amazing machines and explore chemistry in ways they previously might not have. In particular, I am a fan of Puerto Rican Rum since well ... rum is one of my favorite spirits and Puerto Rico is one of my favorite Caribbean islands! Are you ready? I am, It’s Rum Time!


ne thing that I did NOT expect however was that this industry would produce an incredibly innovative video campaign that simultaneously helped educate fans about the more than 450 years that Puerto Rican Rum has been enjoyed while being completely entertaining and extremely well produced.

While the episodes take some liberties in imagining how some of the greatest events in the world were celebrated, the science behind such accomplishments such as the quest of indoor lighting by  Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison are essentially accurate. That being said however, it would not be surprising to me if people first experiencing electric lights did celebrate with a toast of Puerto Rican rum - I know I've certainly raised a glass for far lesser causes :)


Beyond the video series, the It’s Rum Time site also has drink recipes, spotify playlists, and matching up to the different episodes. Additionally, it also features the Puerto Rican rum brands represented including Bacardi and Don Q that I am sure you are familiar with already, but also Ron del Barrilito, Trigo, Caliche, Caray, and Club Caribe.

Puerto Rico is a fantastic island with amazing people, food, and yes some of the best rum in the world, so this sort of campaign is very natural for them. Puerto Rico is the Rum Capital and it is virtually the natural spirit of Puerto Rico. Everyone I have met during my travels from there looks at their personal recipes and favorite distilleries as a source of national pride. 

So to that sense of passion for heritage and culture, I salute them with a toast of Bacardi Ocho to enjoy while we wait for the next episode to be released from the It's Rum Time site!

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