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  • Temecula is Perfect for a Southern California Guys Wine Weekend

    Temecula Is Perfect For a Southern California Guys Wine Getaway

  • How to create a perfect charcuterie platter for wine tasting/

    How to Create the Perfect Charcuterie Platter For a Sonoma County Wine Tasting

  • Murphy-Goode Winemaker Dave Ready Jr.

    Meet Murphy-Goode Winemaker Dave Ready Jr

  • Italian Mancation in Tuscany

    Italian Wine Food and History On a Tuscany Mancation

  • Cosmic Egg Wine from Northstar Winery

    Cosmic Egg Cabernet Sauvignon Is Out Of This World!

  • What wines would you pair a Maserati with

    What Wine Would You Pair With a Maserati?

  • A guide to pairing wine and jerky

    How To Prepare A Wine and Jerky Tasting and Pairing Experience

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  • Just a couple hours east of Chicago and almost the same distance from Detroit lies a wonder area just waiting for couples planning a romantic weekend. South West Michigan is a destination that continues to impress both Heather and I. Initially, it was the wine trail and the beach that drew us, but now we have grown to love exploring the little coastal towns like Saugatuck, Douglas, and St. Joseph.