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  • Things You Don't Think About When It Comes To Owning A Diesel Truck

    On the surface, manufacturers like to present diesel engines as just another alternative to petroleum gas-powered internal combustion engines. Sure, they typically have more torque and other differences but when it comes to owning one, there are a surprising number of new parts and processes that you'll need to learn to keep it running efficiently. This shouldn't dissuade you from buying a diesel if that, in fact, is the best choice for what you need .. but don't do it blindly!

  • Should You Buy Or Rent Your Next Work Truck?

    It doesn’t matter if you need a new truck because you are expanding your business or just need something a little bigger for home projects and the occasional commission. If you’re looking for a new truck and thinking about what really makes sense to you, here are some tips on choosing your next truck. 

  • Polaris Unleashes the Rockford Fosgate Ranger Roof Audio System

    Rockford Fosgate has just introduced their new Ranger Roof Audio System, a trailblazing innovation in outdoor sound technology that will absolutely make you the loudest guy at the party. This audio system is specially engineered for Polaris Ranger off-road vehicles and features eight speakers, two subwoofers, and a remarkable 1,500 watts of sound.

  • The Ford F-150 Heritage Edition Is The Perfect "Throw Back" To The Future

    There's something special about Ford's F-150 pickup truck. While the big three play a game of one-upmanship every generation, for more than 75 years Ford has remained synonymous with trucks as a symbol of masculinity and the need to continue raising generations of hard working men. With the launch of the 2023 F-150 Heritage Edition, Ford presents a tribute to those generations of dads and grandfathers who have made the platform an American icon.

  • The 2023 Ford Maverick Hybrid Is The Perfect Truck For Guys That Aren't Really Truck Guys

    Simply put, I'm absolutely in love with the Ford Maverick and it is the first vehicle that has compelled me to put in a pre-order when they open later this week on July 17th. While many guys like big trucks because they ooze masculine power and brute strength, that isn't why I love trucks. My love of trucks is focused more on them being a tool for off-road prowess and exploring un-reachable places rather than the everyday experience of driving one. Regardless, there are times like picking up a grill, doing DIY projects, or going camping where a small utilitarian vehicle would be nice to have.

    That's exactly where the Maverick shines over it's brothers - Bronco Sport and Escape that share the same platform. This is the truck for non truck buyers and I'm hooked!

  • 2023 Ram Rebel 1500 Is A Great Road Trip Truck For Guys That Want To Look Tough

    It's hard not to say nice things about the 2023 Ram Rebel - it's got a perfect balance of good looks, technology, and specs that would make it an ideal option for any man looking for a beefy full-sized truck that is both comfortable to drive and capable. After a week driving it around Michigan, let's take a look at how it fits into our list of trucks and suv's we're considering as part of our truck buying journey.

  • RAM 2500 Rebel Is For Guys That Want To Haul And Look Cool Doing It

    Usually I'm pretty cool with any truck, car, or SUV that I get to review and as they say... there's an ass for every saddle. That's true for 2500 trucks too. They are designed to haul, they are work trucks, and there is a segment of guys who just simply want the biggest truck they can find to showcase their superiority over all other men on the highway. That's how I felt while driving the 2023 RAM 2500 Rebel around Toledo and North West Ohio for a week. While it checks all the boxes that an HD truck needs to have... the personality was just a complete miss-match for me and my wife's style.

  • My Truck Buying Journey Starts Now!

    I'm trying something new this year and already it has shifted my perspective on trucks and SUVs that I am reviewing here. While we've historically fallen into the trap of simply promoting the latest and greatest trucks and basking in the joy that comes with getting a brand-new truck several times a month. What's changed now is that we're moving to Michigan and need a beefy vehicle that is capable in bad weather, gets good gas mileage and is comfortable for road trips, and ideally can tow a boat in and out of the water. After all, this is Michigan and along with having a gun, the state requires that you either have a buddy with a boat or you have one yourself. As a result, I'm going to be looking at these trucks with a different perspective in mind... someone who is actually looking to BUY a truck. Not simply someone interested in the latest and greatest shiny stuff on the market.

  • What I Learned About EV Trucks While Driving To Vegas in The F-150 Lightning

    Let's just get this out of the way - over the past year I've driven a dozen or so EVs ranging from compact cars to 10,000+ trucks. I remain as optimistic as ever in terms of the fact that electric vehicles have the potential to be a superior alternative to the classic internal combustion petrol and diesel-powered options that dominate the market today. As part of this though, I also refuse to sit back and simply select facts to promote the benefits. Quite frankly, while EVs are a fabulous option for homeowners with moderate commutes - long road trips are not the best measure of an EV's value. With that being said though, I like to push the limits. I want to see what it looks like doing something that will be normal in five years. That's why Heather and I decided to drive a 2023 F-150 Lightning from San Diego to Vegas. Here's what we learned from the experience.

  • This Is The First Time I've Seriously Thought About Buying A Base Model Truck

    We had the honor of being among the first people outside of Chevrolet to test drive the all-new 2023 Chevy Colorado this week and while the shiny, expensive, fast, comfortable new vehicle is always the one we clamor to drive on trips like this... I was most impressed with the Work Truck trim. In fact, it is now at the top of my list of vehicles that I'm considering as our "winter car" when I move to Michigan later this year.

  • Why the RAM 1500 Limited EcoDiesel is the Ultimate Pickup Truck for Eco-Conscious Consumers

    The word on the digital grapevine is that big changes are coming to the Ram 1500 lineup. It's already been confirmed that the popular and torquey V6 EcoDiesel is getting the boot to make room on the assembly line for the upcoming all-electric Ram pickup truck. There is also word of a new inline-six engine dubbed the Hurricane coming to put the truck's Hemi V8 option out to pasture. More details are on the brink, but until then, we get to enjoy the current 2023 Ram 1500 in its glory, which recently earned the title of Texas Full-Size Truck of the Year by the Texas Motor Press Association. 

  • Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4xe: The Perfect Off-Road Companion for Your Next Adventure

    The 2023 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4xe is a vehicle of compromise offering iconic off-road prowess, interior comfort, and the torque of a V8 with the efficiency of a plug-in hybrid (PHEV). The 2.0-liter four-cylinder PHEV drivetrain provides a combined 375 horsepower and an impressive 470 lb.-ft of torque, with a max towing capacity of 3,500 pounds. In addition to offering 21 miles of all-electric range and 370 miles of total range. Moreover, while running on hybrid gas-electric power, Jeep states the Wrangler 4xe MPG can achieve an impressive 49 miles per gallon/kilowatt.

  • Tackle Any Terrain in the Toyota TRD Pro

    The outgoing second-gen Toyota Tundra underwent three facelifts during its 14-year production life from 2007 to 2021. Finally, in 2022, the all-new third-generation Toyota Tundra began rolling out of the assembly line at the Toyota Motor Manufacturing plant in San Antonio, Texas. Bumper to bumper, the 2023 Toyota Tundra is a notably different beast from the outgoing model. 

  • Nissan Frontier Pro-4X

    The 2023 Nissan Frontier Pro-4X is a handsome truck, we recently had the opportunity to test its off-road capabilities at the annual Texas Motor Press Association Off-Road Invitational this year held in Bryan, Texas.

  • Exploring The Desert In A 2022 Silverado ZR2

    One of the things I love about living in San Diego isn't just the pretty awesome weather all year round but rather the hot dusty playground located just on the other side of the mountains from where I live downtown. This is area, the Anza Borrego Desert, is an incredibly playground with a mixture of terrain ranging from insanely tough to perfect for novice riders. You guys know how much I love the Colorado ZR2 and so when we got the chance to take it's big brother then Silverado ZR2 for a spin... well... you know I jumped at the opportunity!

  • Bronco Wildtrak Off Road Review

    It would be an understatement to say that Ford's Bronco was one of the most wildly anticipated vehicles to become available this year. Promising to be a "Wrangler Killer" by taking the decades of engineering that Jeep had invested into it's off road king and offering a new perspective, Bronco has some big shoes tires to fill. Is it able to do so? We took it on one of our favorite trails to find out.

  • GMC Sierra 1500 Denali Ultimate Is The Luxury Truck You've Been Waiting For

    It's no secret that despite the brand's lofty positioning, in the most recent generation of premium trucks, GMC's Denali slipped a bit in comparison to offerings from other manufactures. As a response and to solidify GMC as the well... ultimate... luxury truck producer, they've come back this year with the introduction of the 2022 GMC Sierra Ultimate.

  • The 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4X Is Now Our Favorite All Around Truck

    GMC has been one of our absolute favorite truck brands for almost as long as we've been doing automotive features here on ManTripping. They've earned that respect because they continually merge the two things that I think most guys look for when it comes to a set of wheels - rugged utility and ultimate comfort that is wrapped up in a stylish package.

  • The All-New Toyota Tundra Proves That Great Things Come In Big Packages

    The long awaited all-new 2022 Toyota Tundra is finally here and we had a chance to test it out on some trails in San Diego, patrolling the southern border as well as prowling some of Southern California’s highways. Our summary judgment - Toyota has delivered exactly what they needed to keep existing customers excited about the brand and attract some swing customers with long awaited updates that make this one of our favorite trucks available today.

  • CAS 2022 Review

    New trucks are coming to a dealer near you - maybe. This year’s Chicago Auto Show, and other shows, may be your only shot to see/touch the hottest ‘22 vehicles in person. While this year’s show takes up less floor space, and features fewer manufacturers than previous years, it is still thee show for the latest trucks, SUVs, commercial vehicles, and growing contingent of EVs. No major debuts this year, but there were numerous limited production/trim debuts and first-time public displays of previously revealed all-new models. Here’s a roundup of the top trucks on display this year.