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Men's style and fashion reviews, trends and advice
  • How To Pick The Perfect Pair Of Winter Boots For Active Men

    There’s no shortage of different styles of winter boot to pick from and so it is important to take a moment and think about what your needs are during these cold, dark, and frankly - dangerous months where poor choice in footwear could result in an expensive medical bill. Cross trainers and walking shoes are easy to shop for by comparison since they tend to be less expensive and have fewer responsibilities in terms of protecting your feet. 

  • These Muck Boots Will Take You From Farm Chores To The Board Room And Still Look Great

    These Chore Farm Leather Chelsea boots really caught my eye. While “The Original Muck Boot Company” has a far more utilitarian heritage - with a name that evokes trudging through damp soil while doing farm work and needing to be rugged enough to protect your feet from whatever your are trudging through - while being able to clean off that “muck” from your feet - these on the other hand are as stylish as they are rugged. Plus, they fit great too!

  • WAMA Hemp Underwear Are Some Of The Most Comfortable Boxer Shorts I've Ever Tried

    While I respect and support the notion of sustainability and fair trade practices, I'm a firm believer that those factors need to come secondary to quality and value. As such, I haven't really been a big proponent of alternative fibers since in years past, cotton reined supreme. Things are starting to change now and I'm supremely impressed by the quality and value that WAMA offers in their ethically manufactured hemp underwear.

  • 10 Expert Style Tips For Big Men To Find The Perfect Fitting Shirt

    Finding the perfect fitting shirt can be a daunting task, especially for big men like myself. It's not just about looking stylish... it's also about feeling comfortable and confident in your attire. This sense of confidence can be the difference between a night spent making friends, building business contacts, and romancing your partner... one or spent continually trying to pull your shirt down to cover your belly and a focus on hiding - instead of leaning forward.

  • Winter Men’s Fashion: How to Stay Warm and Look Good In Snowy Weather

    Winter is a dreaded season for many men who live in cold places. In addition to being freezing and dark, it can be challenging to maintain a sense of style when you’re worried about bundling up against the elements. 

  • Florsheim Lakeside Is My New Favorite Traveling Shoe

    The brand Florsheim is widely recognized but I feel like many folks - including myself - identify it as more conservative, fancier, and though very well constructed... not always the most comfortable shoes. That has clearly changed in the last few years as two of my absolutely favorite and most comfortable shoes are made by Florsheim. This includes the Lakeside "boat shoe" that I took with me on a recent cruise and has now earned it's place as my preferred show for traveling.

  • Tips To Style Your New Hooded Jacket

    A leather jacket is the ultimate cool symbol for all men. This classic piece of garment has been in vogue for years now. The popularity of leather jackets is so prevalent that now you can explore them in different forms and styles – a hooded leather jacket being one of them. 

  • Shopping Tips For Buying Menswear Online

    It may surprise you to learn that studies show that the vast majority of guys — 84.3 percent, to be exact — shop online. There’s no getting around the fact that if you have a precise vision or want a specific product, you’ll likely have to place some online orders from time to time. Plus, you simply can’t beat the massive variety when shopping virtually rather than in-person. But there’s also no denying that online shopping comes with its pitfalls, so you want to make sure you know the best way to do it.

  • Florsheim Java Is My New "Go To" Casual Slip On Shoe

    Aside from times when I need a full shoe - hiking, factory tours, formal dress occasions I usually wear flip flops. Here in San Diego that's pretty much a year-round footwear option and I like the casual easy to take on and off nature of it. In the winter however, it isn't the best option and that is especially true when it's cold and raining. So when Florsheim offered to send me a pair of their new Java "Nylon Moc Toe Slip On" shoes I was excited to check them out.

  • Top 10 Leather Wallet Brands For Men Who Value Style And Quality

    A classic leather wallet is a staple in any man’s wardrobe. With so many options available, it’s difficult to find the best balance of quality, style, and price without getting overwhelmed. Whether you’re looking for genuine leather, eco-friendly options, RFID protection, or superior style, there are options for you.

  • Tips For Updating Your Wardrobe And Improving Your Public Image

    You step towards your wardrobe, hoping to find an outfit that you feel confident and stylishin, but to your dismay, when you look at your clothing all you see is a mess of outdated looks. You know that you want - and need - to update your wardrobe, you just aren’t sure where to begin when it comes to updating it. 

  • Frosty’s Footwear: A Guide to Today’s Best Winter Boots for Men

    A great pair of winter boots is about more than simply keeping your feet warm. With the exception of purely utilitarian work boots, footwear in winter is essential for maintaining traction and stability while also looking good. Those aren't always compatible objectives but we've taken a look at five different pairs of winter boots and put together our advice so that you can pick the perfect pair of boots this year.

  • Bucqle is Perfect For Guys That Hate Belts

    Belts are one of the few fashion accessories that we men can enjoy, but let's face it - they can bind too tightly and you are generally limited to tightness as provided by the number of holes. Belts don't allow for a custom fit, they can fall apart over time and not insignificantly you ultimately need to worry about having black belts, brown belts, and who knows how to properly match that green leather one you got! Along comes a really cool Kickstarter campaign from Bucqle that gathered more than €223,000 on it's €10,000 goal and is now in pre-order. 

  • Men's Fashion Trend - Should You Consider a Capsule Wardrobe

    The term capsule wardrobe is thrown around a lot in the fashion media these days. Frankly, for most of us men it sounds like simply using the stuff you have rather than buying more clothes that you don't need. Some people do it for ease of choice, others do it because it is an eco-friendly and pocket-friendly option. However, at it's core the concept of a capsule wardrobe is something most of us "non fashion trendsetters" simply consider normal.

  • Online Men's Fashion Retailers With Great Styles That We Love

    When it comes to men’s fashion, some may say that a t-shirt and jeans is all you need. However, that’s not true. Having fashion sense as a guy means taking your clothing style to the next level and trying something else. But when it comes to men’s fashion, you may not have the time to visit all your local clothing stores to find the best items that are right for your specific style and body type. That’s where online boutiques come into play. If you are interested at all in changing the way you look—or enhancing your current look with new styles—then these are online boutiques you need to try today.

  • Psycho Bunny Offers Big and Tall Polos For Men Who Want To Look Awesome

    There's two kinds of clothing companies that I primarily see - fashion and utility. Sometimes clothing is just something you have to wear and in that case, a polo and jeans is just fine. Other times you want to take things to the next level and not just look great but feel amazing too. Sadly most fashion brands that pitch us ignore the bigger men out there. Psycho Bunny however embraces big guys like me and I absolutely love their styles. They sent me two polos to check out and I'm thrilled to share about them with you guys.

  • Dirt Co. Apparel - For Men Who Love The Off Road Lifestyle

    Everyone is jumping on the off-road bandwagon right now but the guys at Dirt Co. are legit. Not only are these the same guys who run the MINT 400 but they genuinely love getting dirty. The passion shows with some of the most awesome tee-shirts that I've seen anywhere as well as my current favorite hat. Let's check out some of our favorite products found at Dirt Co.

  • Men's Fashion Tips To Stay Warm This Winter

    With winter weather here and the air turning cold and wet, it's time to bundle up. While you could just grab the biggest, bulkiest jacket possible and walk around looking like a polar explorer, layering is a much better option. This way you can take layers off when you go inside as well as ad a pop of color that makes you look good and projects a positive impression.

  • Blundstone Super 550 Boots Are Ready For Adventure

    There are boots and other pieces of clothing that I buy because it looks good - and others I buy because it's practical. I love it though when I find a great pair of boots that is stylish, rugged, and has a great story and deep heritage behind it. That's what I found in these Blundstone Super 550 Boots that they sent me to review. It would have been a shame to simply wear them around town, so I took them on an adventure along the California coast, exploring Big Sur and Carmel.

  • This Coolibar Suede Fedora Keeps You Cool and Protected From the Sun

    Hats are an essential part of my traveling gear since frankly I don't like to use sunscreen except when I really need it. While I have a couple sun hats that are perfect for the beach, sometimes you need something that looks great on or off the trail that is comfortable, stylish, and protects you from the sun. That's what I loved about this fedora that Coolibar sent me to check out on a recent trip to Vegas.