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Buying gifts for guys can be tough and even more difficult for women who sometimes just don't understand what guys are looking for. While there are the cliche father's Day gift ideas such as a tie or a "best dad" mug, there's a whole world of diverse amazing presents that you can get for men in your life. We've tried to curate some of our favorite items but are always on the lookout for other awesome ideas.

Some of Our Favorite Gifts for Guys Include the following:

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  • The ScanWatch Nova Is Your Secret Weapon To Staying Healthy and Managing Stress

    As a reliable travel ally, the new ScanWatch Nova by Withings serves as your secret tool for health maintenance and stress management for men on the move. This chic watch, packed with advanced health-tracking features, is not just a fashionable accessory, but acts as your personal health aide. Nobody is going to mistake this for a glass slab smart watch when you wear it but it packs features I've never even considered a watch able to include. For instance, it carries out on-demand electrocardiograms, keeps a check on your body temperature, and even provides comprehensive sleep analysis to help you stay at your best during your travels. Boasting an impressive 30-day battery life, the ScanWatch Nova is always on standby to assist you, no matter your destination.

  • Our Favorite Stocking Stuffer Gifts For Guys

    Looking for some fun stocking stuffer gifts for guys? I'm talking about going beyond the simple candy and lottery ticket ideas and instead picking some cheap fun gift items that guys will love. Let's take a look at some of our favorites...

  • Armbie: Revolutionizing Comfort for Travel & Health

    Let's get one thing out of the way first - you will look rediculous wearing this thing and I think that's an important factor to consider for anyone who might be self concious in public - you should also practice with it at home first. Once you get comfortable though, I sorta wonder how I have ever traveled without it!

  • Valentine's Day Gift Guide - What Men Want You To Give Them

     Valentine's Day is a tough time when it comes to finding the perfect gift for men in your life. While there is no shortage of cliche ideas being marketed towards guys on what to buy for women, the reality is that many women, want to buy their guys something special as a token of their love and affection. As a guy who's married to one of the most thoughtful ladies out there, I know it can be especially tough for her since I'm not someone who likes to "ask for stuff" and if I want something, I just go and buy it for myself. That makes it difficult for her so I've put together some of my favorite Valentine's gift ideas that I know men like me will enjoy receiving this year.

  • ODBeleven Makes A Great Gift For A Greasemonkey

    Every occasion challenges us to find the best gift idea for our relatives, and friends.  Finding a good gift for men is even more challenging. What to speak about car lovers since we have so many stereotypes about them in our heads.  And of course, there is no one ideal solution for all but if you’re thinking about something useful – you should think about gadgets that should be in every car.

  • Christmas In July Gifts For Guys - Just Because!

    Hey guys, it might be hot and sunny out but it's also time for Christmas In July. That's honestly an excuse more than anything but we're six months away from seeing the big guy dropping off some treats in our stockings 

  • Father's Day Tech Gifts

    Father’s Day is this weekend and so it’s time to check out some of our favorite tech gifts for dad! From ear buds to robot bartenders, we’ve got something for every dad.

  • Denali College Logo Blankets Are Perfect For Keeping Warm During Bowl Games

    We're in the final stretch of bowl season and I know a lot of you will be watching from home on your couch. I know we'll be rooting for Michigan tonight and then hopefully again in the National Championship next week too. Regardless of what ranking your favorite team might be though, these make a great gift idea... or just buy one for yourself and keep warm this winter.

  • This Nuts & Exotic Meats Box Is The Perfect Father's Day Gift

    Looking for a last minute Father's Day gift or just an everyday gift for a guy you care about? We're not that complicated to shop for. While my wife laughed and said, "do guys really want that as a gift?" when it arived, I looked fondly at the box and thought, Damn Man this is a great gift.  It just goes to show that sometimes clichés can be true. While not all guys will love sausage and nuts... chances are the guy you are shopping for will.

  • Gift Ideas For Men To Make Life A Bit More Enjoyable During Quarantine

    The pandemic brought about by the novel coronavirus has caused many of us to rethink the way we live our lives. Since many tasks that were once considered commonplace now come with a substantial amount of risk, reevaluating our priorities has become essential to staying safe. However, despite impacting virtually every facet of daily life, COVID-19 hasn’t taken away people’s ability to purchase awesome gifts for the men in their lives... or simply treat yourself to something special. 

  • Valentine's Gift Ideas For Men Who Love To Eat

     They say that the way to a man's heart is through his mouth so we're going to share four awesome Valentine's Day Gifts that men will love!

  • Hunting Gifts For Men

    There are several different types of products related to hunting that could turn out to be fantastic gift ideas. We are going to explore five of the best hunting gift ideas by looking at several different factors. Product reputation, brand quality, and value will all be factored into our gift recommendations. It can be exceptionally challenging to find the right gift but this list should help to give you several convenient gift ideas for hunting.

  • Whiskey Gifts For Men

    For the man who loves whiskey, gift buying should go beyond a new bottle from his favorite distillery or a new decanter to add to his collection. Our extensive search has revealed this list of favorites that are usable, yet unique, and sure to please the whiskey lover on your list.

  • Batman Gifts For Men

    You need to buy a gift for a grown man who is the self-proclaimed world's biggest Batman fan. There is only one small problem. You want to make sure it is a proper gift for a man. You don't want him to feel like a child when he opens it.

    You are in luck! This guide will show you the best five Batman gifts for men. Let's jump into the Batcave and claim the perfect gift for the crazy Batman enthusiast in your life.

  • What Are the Best Gifts for Fearful Flyers?

    While this year has been an aberration, I normally fly more than 50,000 miles each year. Years ago I wasn't as comfortable as I am today and looking back, my responses to simply turbulance were comical at best. For instance, when experieincg bumps I would grab the seat in front of me... as if that is going to do any good if the plane goes down. Today though, I'm much more comfortable with travel and use the simple advice a friend once shared. He said, "if you are ever nervous look up and find a flight attendant. If they are still casually serving drinks and talking with passengers then there is nothing to worry about." While comforting advice like that is helpful, there are some great gift ideas that you can buy yourself or give to a friend to make that next flight a bit more comfortable for them.

  • Craft Jerky Co Introduces Jerky of the Month Club

    Looking for a great gift for dad? Check out Craft Jerky Co and their "Jerky of the Month" Club where you can get a box of awesome craft jerky selections sent every month.

  • Gift Ideas For Guys Who Love The Great Outdoors

    Crackling campfires, scenic views, and endless exploration and activities. Who doesn’t love the great outdoors? According to the Outdoor Industry Association, half of Americans participated in outdoor recreation in 2018. If you know a guy who loves the great outdoors, check out these gift ideas that are ideal for any occasion.

  • Gift Ideas For Photographers

    There are few gifts that can mean quite as much to a recipient as those that show how much you understand them, their passions, and what drives them.

  • Ideas For Buying That Perfect Gift For Dad

    Gift giving sounds simple on the surface, but it’s rarely simple at all. That’s especially the case if you’re shopping for the man in your life. Honestly, we aren't that hard to shop for and most of us are actually pretty straight forward and simple with what we want. That being said though, if you want to make us really happy, here's some gift ideas for dad that you might consider...

  • With Deejo You Can Make a Knife That Matches Your Personality

    A fine blade is something that warriors have always prized. It's not merely a tool, but something that fuses with the man who wields it. While most of us no longer survive based on our prowess in sword fighting or using a knife to defend ourselves in combat, there's still great honor in owning a custom blade. While that prospect can be fantastically expensive in some instances, French company Deejo offers some great custom knives at under $70.