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Travel ideas for mancations, guys weekends, and romantic getaways.
  • 35 Guys Night Out Ideas: Fun Activities and Things to Do

    Forget your default plan of just another game night of cards and fast food. We're smashing stereotypes and flipping the script on what a typical guys' night can really mean. Let's transform and expand it from a cliched evening at a sports bar and find some other unique and innovative guys' night-out ideas filled with laughter, beers, cigars, and friendly competition as you demonstrate feats of intellectual and physical prowess. So, let's get ready to grasp those rare, precious moments with your buddies and create unforgettable memories instead of simply passing the time passively drinking beer. 

  • Guys Night In Ideas For A Next Level At Home Gathering

    Is your guys night in turning boring? That's not uncommon since men are often creatures of habit and classic ideas such as just hanging out watching a movie or playing video games while drinking beers at home tends to be the go-to idea that we need to take to the next level. Don't worry, I'm not talking about spending some crazy cash, doing anything that could get you in trouble or take tons of time setting up. Instead, we're going to talk about some ways that you can take your next guys night in and turn it into an awesome memorable experience.

  • Gear For A Guys Night In

    Does anything beat a guy’s night for kicking back and forgetting about the stresses of everyday life? Whether you’re watching the big game or have different plans, the chance to see all of your mates and have a laugh can certainly help to kick the weekend off with a bang, or give you something to look forward to during the long, dark, and often grueling depths of the week.